Introduction: DREAM KEY CHAIN - Design Tech - Work Plan


This is a plan that explains a very detailed step by step plan of what to do to make a Dream Key Chain. It will start with the process of designing the key chain on 123D Design, and then executing it by using the 3D printer to make the mold, and the charm of the key chain.

After finally completing my extensive research, I have concluded that I must bring awareness to my community about stress and sleep deprivation throughout my adornment product. In order to outline what I intend to design to solve the problem, I have done research about almost all aspects about sleep unfairness and stress and basics about jewelry in general, and also focused on some aspects here at KAUST about students here at school, and how they are feeling in the terms of sleep and stress and which product they would most likely wear. I read many books, looked at many websites, and tasted many products created at the community, to clearly outline what i need to solve the problem. The problem world wide is that people are not getting enough sleep because of sleep deprivation and this is effecting their lives and because of not having enough sleep, there are many severe consequences that could eventually lead to death, because of stress causing sleep deprivation. The problem is also that people are not aware of how stressed they are because usually from the work load that usually occurs.
I will have the person wearing the adornment wearing it at school, in the community, and possibly outside our community(jeddah). This will make anyone who sees the product aware that this is a common issue, and that some action needs to be taken upon this project. I will be getting feedback from the audience we targeted at the beginning, which is anyone with any race, gender, and age. When I am creating the product, I need to be mindful that this is something that everyone will enjoy, which usually includes humour. My design will aid in solving the problem/challenge of sleep deprivation because of the need to raise awareness about this extremely important topic as everyone needs to understand the importance of sleep, and the side effects of sleep deprivation and the causes of stress, and how a person can stop stress, in order to maintain healthy sleeping patterns for the human to function best. My design will be large enough for a person to wear, and not feel like it is too heavy, or too light, as it should be eye catching for everyone to see and make sure they know that sleeping is important for the human race to evolve. My design will be big enough for everyone to see. My design will be small enough for the audience to feel comfortable and not have any issues regarding it’s size, or weight. The information that I have obtained is very relevant as I need to understand how I am going to create my product, and statistics about people who are sleep deprived, and I also wanted to know different age groups from our community and what their status is relating to sleep and stress. The function of the product is to bring awareness to people everywhere about this issue. My research was generally well researched, but there is obvious room for improvement.

My survey indicates that The majority of the people are an 10/10 on the stressed question, and the majority of the people like product 1, and that the majority knows what causes stress. When I asked them what causes stress the answered varied but the majority were saying workload, Personal project, life, personal self perseverance. I got 16 responses overall. I sent the survey to four people from each age group except children. My survey indicates also that people are very stressed, and they do not sleep enough as the majority said that they get 5-7 hours of sleep usually per day. This survey has helped answer How is this topic effecting the societ and how much sleep does the target audience have per night. This information is going to help me in the future because I now know How is this topic effecting the society and how much sleep does the target audience have per night.

My research explains that fairness is “lack of favoritism toward one side or another”, and that this is a global problem that needs to be resolved. This is impacting our community as this community is a very knowledgeable community that contains many knowledgeable and hardworking community members that are contributing to the world. If the community members are suffering from large amounts of stress, they will most likely not be able to receive the best possible 8 hours of sleep (on average). This will affect the community as the community revolves around the people, and if people are sleep deprived, there will be many other problems that will created such as motorized vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and different activity errors.accidentally falling asleep, off sleeping whereas driving, and having issue activity daily tasks attributable to somnolence all could contribute to those venturous outcomes. I am also going to use Pewter, Resin, Felt, Cotton, Beads, Chain, ribbon, for my end product so that I used a wide variety of products. I can bring awareness about this issue and help save people from being sleep deprived and suffering from stress. Jewelry making and beading are very regarding and personal crafts. You can adorn yourself by using a little creativity, and a few basic materials. With beautiful objects you can convey your sense of style and inner feelings. Today people use jewelry to wear as decorations. Some people view their jewelry more than decoration, and use jewelry to symbolize love, religion, commitment, politics, birth of children, life experiences, and important memories. Our choice of jewelry conveys important information about us.The most rewarding aspects of creating jewelry is that your creations can serve any purpose and match any style that you choose. If you love fashion, you can be your own personal fashionable jewelry designer. If you're interested in a particular culture, your designs can reflect what's important to you. You can even reassemble your old jewelry into new updated designs.

After researching I have decided that my product will need to include all of the elements that I have researched in order to make a sufficient product. My product will be safe because it will be created from non-toxic materials and it will be made to be accessible to all age groups (everyone over the age of 6 years). The materials i use should be strong because they need to be able to stay for a long period of time without breaking since this is a very important adornment that should last as long as this problem is occuring because we need to raise awareness about this unfairness towards humans, who are sleep deprived from stress.

My data and research is generally valid. The survey is valid because I gathered four people from each age group and decided that they should all have one thing in common. This is unvalid because this is not quantative data to make sure that these conclusions are true because the four people selected could be all very biased. This is also invalid because I chose the senior members who are my grandparents and they don’t speak english, so I had to translate to them the questions in order to receive the data. Since they are my grandparents, they are very biased and they want to give me the data I want, and not actually what they are thinking (especially my grandma). If I were to do this again, I would make sure that I have a larger amount of people taking the survey, and make sure that I do not know them. I should also send the survey worldwide and have people around the world fill it out because I need to make a product that would satisfy all people’s needs from around the world, since my target audience could be anyone.

Step 1: Step 1: Open Your Laptop.

Open your laptop by lifting the screen from the base of the laptop. Make sure you don't pull too hard or else the hinge of your laptop will break.

Link of picture:

Time Taken: 10 seconds

Step 2: Step 2: Open 123D Design

  1. Go to the top right magnifying glass
  2. Click on it
  3. Type in 123DDesign
  4. Double Click.

Time Taken:1 minute max

Step 3: Step 3: Click on Start New Design

  1. Click on Start New Design
  2. Wait until the graphing page opens.

Time Taken: 30 sec

Step 4: Step 4: Get Cloud Image

  1. Open a google chrome page
  2. Type in Cloud Icon png
  3. Choose the silhouette shape you want. I chose the dark cloud with big humps as it will be easier to work with in the future.

Time Taken: 2 minutes.

Step 5: Convert Cloud to SVG File.

  1. Go on another tab
  2. Type in SVG converter
  3. Click on the first link.
  4. Follow the instructions of the website in how to convert to SVG.
  5. Make sure you save the follow onto your desktop. It will automatically save to your downloads folder.

Time Taken:

Step 6: Go Back to 123D Design

  1. Go back to 123D Design
  2. Go on the sidebar on the left, and click on import SVG file
  3. choose your file
  4. This picture should come up

Step 7: Move the Cloud, and Make the Dimensions Correct.

  1. On the top row, click on the fourth icon and click on the modify button.
  2. Click on the top face of the cloud
  3. Type in the dimensions from your specifications, which is 15mm
  4. Then use the pan button and orbit button on the right column to move and have a better view of the cloud.
  5. On the bottom row, there is a move button. Click on it and move the cloud to a place where you desire.

Step 8: Adding Text

  1. On the top row, click on the "T" icon.
  2. In the Text section write in capital letter "D R E A M" *Remember to put space between each letter.
  3. For the size, make it 5cm or 50mm
  4. Make the font Helvetica py and bold
  5. Move your cursor around the letters until you find a settings icon
  6. Click on the icon
  7. Hover over the extrude text icon
  8. Write 5mm for the depth.
  9. Use the measure tool in the top row to make sure the letters are in the right size.

Step 9: Adding Text to Cloud

  1. Select all the letters together
  2. Use the Move tool in the bottom row to move together all the letters
  3. Use the rotation option, and rotate the letter 90 degrees
  4. Move the letters to the center
  5. Make sure the letters pop out 5mm above the cloud.

Step 10: Grouping

  1. Select all the letters and cloud
  2. go up to the top row
  3. Choose the grouping icon
  4. Click on group all items
  5. All items are grouped

Step 11: Saving

  1. Bring the cursor to the column on the left then click on the button that says "Export"
  2. When you bring you cursor to the button Export, on the right there is are options of how to export it, click on STL.
  3. Then the saving icon will come up at the top of your screen, write "Final Dream" in the name box.
  4. Save the file to your desktop.

Step 12: Adding to Mrs.Molloy's Folder

  1. Open Google Chrome by clicking on the application on the dock.
  2. Go to the D.T google classroom.
  3. Mrs.Molloy posted a folder on the classroom
  4. Add the folder to your drive.
  5. Click on the upload button on the right.
  6. Click on the design saved on your desktop.
  7. Wait for it to upload.

Step 13: Print on 3Axis Router

  1. Open the file on the 3axis Printer.
  2. Go through all the settings to make sure the x and y axis are in the correct proportions.
  3. Run through the plan to see how the machine will cut each layer, and how long it will take.
  4. Cut a piece of wood in the dimensions 100x75x15 mm.
  5. Tape on Double sided table to the back of the piece of wood to maintain the stability of the wood while cutting.
  6. Insert the piece of wood inside the machine.
  7. Close the plastic door which secures the machine.
  8. Start the job on the machine
  9. Turn on the vacuum to take out the excess wood particles
  10. Watch the process in the beginning to see if there are any errors.

This is how the 3Axis router works according to my research in Criteria A:

I will use the MDX-40A. This is how it works:

The rotary axis will cut one side of an object then rotate and cut the other side. The SRP Player software has settings for you to choose Top, Bottom, Front, and Back which tells the MDX-40A and ZCL-40A to rotate to those respective positions and cut the model out on all 4 sides. In addition to cutting on those 4 sides the SRP Player software has a setting that allows you to add any angle you would like for the rotary axis unit to turn too. The machine will then perform a cut at that angle as well. This allows you to create models that otherwise would not be able to be created. Once you have performed a cut if you decid you need to rotate and cut again to reach an area, you can go back into SRP Player and add additional points to have the ZCL-40A rotate too for more cutting. This allows you to achieve undercuts as well as cutting of other hidden features that otherwise could not be cut.

Step 14: Silicon Mold

  1. After the wood mold has been carved, now you use it to make a silicon mold.
  2. Take 1 part of the Mold Compound Labeled Part A, and one part of the mold compound labeled Part B, then mix together using your hands
  3. Keep mixing the two parts together quickly until you get a lavender color. Make sure you don't overwork the mold, as it sets quickly
  4. Softly Flatten out the silicon on a surface, and press in the wooden mold into the silicon, with the letters face into the silicon.
  5. Push the mold into the silicon.
  6. Check on it after 1 minute to see the depth inside the mold.
  7. Leave the wooden mold into the silicon for 15 minutes until it sets
  8. Take out the wooden mold from the silicon mold

Step 15: Resin Casting

  1. Take the silicon mold.
  2. Put on plastic gloves
  3. Take the two jars called "white" and "Royal Blue".
  4. Take a popsicle stick and a mixing cup. Add 2 trams of white, then 1 tram of hardener, then add 1-3 drops of accelerator.
  5. Mix thoroughly in the mixing cup with the popsicle stick.
  6. If the mixture makes bubbles it means that the product will set which is a good sign.
  7. Take a squeeze bottle and cap,and using the popsicle stick add the contents of the mixing cup into the squeeze bottle.
  8. Close the bottle with the nozzle.
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 again with the color Royal Blue.

Step 16: Adding Resin to Mold

  1. Using the Mold, take the white resin bottle, and squeeze the bottle to get white resin into the engraving of only the letters. Make sure the white resin is only inside the letter spaces.
  2. Using the royal blue mixture, put resin everywhere else around the cloud.
  3. Place the mold filled with resin into the setting room to leave the resin to set.

Step 17: Setting

  1. Leave the resin to set in the mold for 24 hours.
  2. Clean up all the equipment you used.
  3. Dispose of the mixing up, popsicle stick, gloves, and paper on the surface.

Step 18: Sanding

  1. After 24 hours, take out resin from mold.
  2. Wear Googles
  3. Set up the Dremel
  4. Using the Dremel , make the Use a very rough nozzle to start off with sanding the sides and curves of the cloud.
  5. Operate the Dremel by stepping on the step. The harder you step, the faster the nozzle will turn.
  6. Next using a smoother nozzle.
  7. Change and use the appropriate nozzle as appropriate.
  8. Finally use the point nozzle to go in between the curves between the curves of the cloud.
  9. Sand the spaces in between the holes inside the letters to make sure the product is of high quality using the Dremel nozzle.

Step 19: Drilling a Hole

  1. Wear goggles
  2. Turn on the drilling Machine.
  3. Using the drilling Machine, drill a hole in the place next to the letter "D".
  4. After drilling, take off any excess resin dust.

Step 20: Jump Ring + Chain

  1. Using 'nose' pliers,open a jump ring, and insert it through the hole inside the charm.
  2. using scissors, cut 4cm of steel chain.
  3. Attach the chain with the jump ring using the pliers.
  4. Close the jump ring.

Step 21: Add Key Chain Holder

  1. Using the chain + charm connected together, take the key holder and attach the chain to the key holder. Make sure it is inserted firmly and there is no space for the chain slipping out.

Step 22: Adding Glitter

  1. Use a silver and blue glitter pen/rhinestones, make strokes of blue and silver together.
  2. The pattern is a diagonal short stroke pattern such as in the picture.
  3. Keep repeating the same pattern around the whole face.
  4. Wait for 3-4 hours until it dries.

Step 23: Add Ribbon

  1. Take around 8 cm of silver ribbon.
  2. Make a bow with the ribbon on the key whole
  3. Make sure the bow is secure by knotting tightly.
  4. cut the ends of the bow to make a diagonal