DREMEL Refurbished Early 90s TREK Antelope 800 Mountain Bike

Introduction: DREMEL Refurbished Early 90s TREK Antelope 800 Mountain Bike

Hello, im 20 years old and have been riding bikes since ive been 3 . I have always liked a nice bmx bike and doing everything with it; street dirt parks public comutting trails you name it. I recently gota motorcycle which in turn reawoke my love for all things with wheels.

Long story short decided i wanted to finally get a bike with gears,
 my dad had an old trek 800 antelope from the early 90s laying around  and so did his girlfriends son, i took the one with the nicer sproket, they were both ridden less then 10 times

the rims,spokes,frame and forks with my dremel 4000 xpr:)
I used an 80 grit flap wheel to remove the old faded clear coat , black base coat and the primer,

I took conical enamel grinding stones in 3 different shapes( plain cylinder, long sharp conical , and rounded blunt conical) and used them to carve out spikes from all the tube intersections ( forks/tube, seat/rear, rear near wheel set etc etc etc . did beveled impressions with angled bits to bare metal and white primer andpainted

Painted with duplicolor mettalcast deep red paint ($8.93 a can auto parts store)  and clear coat enamel.

New Gt grips,  front shimano brake ,2010 shimano m570 deore lx silver rapidfire left shifter pod and short throw brake lever and cables for both, Special order haro dirt seat from older project, with gelpad of course, wellgo black metal spike pedals,

Complete tune up and derailer set up and more parts on the way as soon as money permits

2010 Shimano deore lx rapidfire 6 speed right shifter pod and short throw brake lever,
2010 Shimano Deore front and  rear shortened derailer black
45 mm travel shock seat post
rock shocks front fork
Generator front hub with 1 watt high output led light with capacitor
Hydraulic brakes

Any way sorry to go on for so long these  are the pciture of my work in progress as it stands i stripped it, taped, sprayed and reassembled in 2 days. I didnt expect the results to come out looking so nice or i would have done the effect i used more over the bike. Pics are just after clear coat, not even shined up with rocket polisht yet !!!! Excuse crappy blackberry picture qaulity thanks for looking

Next im taking this bikes twin brother and doing the opposite scheme with the duplicolor metalcast ocean blue with more detail and airbrush bright yellow for the outlines


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    lol i just got me an 800 month and half ago, i want to get my ceramic coated in Flat dark earth color

    Yard Sale Dale

    I like the style/paint scheme. Good job. It looks very "BMX" even as a geared mtn bike. Thanks for the nostalgic trip. My first mtn bike had very "rad" paint job.

    I like powdercoat better than anything, but no one does that for bikes at any fair rate, even when they do a car the same stock color you want. So the next best thing to me is a paint stripping and rattle can job with Krylon camo special purpose. Your post gives me some ideas though! Good luck.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    PS I'm not, uch a fan of powder coat its fun but it lacks the expression in application that pleases me so much about spray paint

    Yard Sale Dale

    I wouldn't spend much on "upgrades". The bike came with decent, durable parts to begin with , and these bikes go for $100 on CL and EB all the time.

    If you need shifters or a replacement part (7 speed chain, cassette/freewheel, etc) try Niagara Cycle Works (online). Great selection of modest parts for the older bikes and for people who want economical replacements.


    heres a stock photo mine was just more faded my other account wont let me log in
    and i cant for the life of me find the browse button to upload pictures


    10 years ago on Introduction

    love to see a few picture of the "before" bike too. Nice unique job .