Introduction: DRONE MASTER

This is tinkercad 3D design of a AI robot.

Coordinating and controlling all the drones in programm or large functions or even in a soccer match is quite difficult.we need more trainy drone operators to do it.

But this AI robot is futuristic and will be a wonderful cinematographer.

This Robot can control and cooridnate up to 25 drones at a time .

Self programming ability according to the geographical conditions is its remarkable feature.

It has an ability to programming the moving directions of each drones with the help of Google earth.

A programmer can also add their own programs to it, and see the demo how it work.

light weighted and power efficent.

waterproof and dustproof.

Step 1: HEAD

all the power conservation unit,sesors and actulators are fixed inside it.


Hubless wheel technology is used for locomotion.

Hubless wheels provides a unique and stylish apperence .

self-balancing gyro force technology is provided .

Step 3: Neck

the supporting part to the head.

manupulating units are fixed inside it.

Step 4: Drone

high range radio frequency 900MHz.

Step 5: The Master

Step 6: The AI Robot

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