Introduction: DS18B20 Radiation Shield

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This is a mini tutorial. This radiation shield will be used in my instructable "Arduino Weathercloud Weather Station". Solar radiation shield is very common thing used in meteorologic stations to block direct solar radiation and therefore reduce errors in the measured temperature. It also acts as a holder for the temperature sensor. Radiation shields are very useful but are ussualy made from stell and they are expensive so I decided to build a shield of my own.

Step 1: Parts

3 x 15cm stainless steel rod M6

6x M6 nuts

15x 25mm nilon spacers M6

wall bracket

some washers

6 plates used under flower pots (buy at local department store) with recommended diameter of 16cm

Step 2: Usefull Tools

Battery drill

3mm and 6mm drill bits




Step 3: Drill Holes Into Plates

At first we need to drill holes into the plates. We have three rods, so it will be a equilateral triangle. Sketch the triangle to plates with marker. Then drill 6mm hole in every corner of triangle. Also drill 3mm holes in center of two bottom plates and 6mm holes in two next plates. The next two plates wil not have a hole.

Step 4: Rods

Take rods and add nuts and washers to their bottom.

Step 5: Base

Make a base by inserting the rods into the bottom plate.

Step 6: Add More Layers

Add spacers to the base, then add next plate, then the spacers and so on. Repeat this proces until you'll have four layers.

Step 7: Insert DS18B20

As I said before, the two bottom plates have 3mm hole in center and next two plates have 6mm hole in center. Now, take the DS18B20, insert it into the top hole and pull it all the way through all the holes.

Step 8: Add More Layers Volume II

Add two more layers like before.

Step 9: Top and Wall Bracket

At the end we have to add the nuts on top to hold everything together. Also, we need take the wall bracket and mound it on the top.

Step 10: Done

Congratulations. You have competed your solar radiation shield. Now you can use it as a part of the "Arduino Weathercloud Weather Station" or as a part of your own weather station.