DSI Turnable Holder How to Build

Introduction: DSI Turnable Holder How to Build


DSI holder a 360° turnable holder with intervals of 90° with holes for powercord and headphone ideal for listening music or reading text files or playing with braintraining for ds

Step 1: Building the Base

Step 2: Build the Sides

Step 3: Build the Turnplate Step 1

Step 4: Build the Turnplate Step 2

note:these are 2 of those cross shaped k'nex parts holding together by the white rods

Step 5: Build the Turnplate Step 3

mount the yellow/white k'nex part on top off the red/blue  

Step 6: Mount the Base Sides and Add the Weights

Step 7: Build the Turntable As Shown

Step 8: Putting It Together

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