Introduction: DSLR Waterproof Rainsleeve

About: Experimenting photographer

Tools and Supplies:
-Ziploc bag or clear plastic material
-duct tape
-hole puncher
-dslr camera or similar

Okay, here goes my first instructable. For those who like to use their camera in wet or sandy conditions here is an easy waterproof sleeve with cutouts.

Step 1: Lens Opening

Because the thin plastic is likely to stretch after a while, I added a drawstring that goes around the end of the lens/hood. Whether you add it or not, you'll need to cut out an opening. Then reenforce the edges with some duct tape and hole punch every 1/2 inch or so. After that, thread the string through.

Step 2: Viewfinder and Screen

If the rubber thing on you viewfinder comes off, you can cut a small hole and reattatch it over the bag. It will take a little adjusting, just don't make the hole too big. If it doesn't come off (or you don't have one) then I would just skip it and make the see-through screen really big.
Now for the screen. I cut out a large piece of the (non-branded) side of the Ziploc and used a little duct tape to secure it. That's it.

Step 3: String Around Body

This is optional, but it helps keep the whole thing in place. Just take a thing of string and wrap it around the base of the camera, poking holes in the plastic. After that, you're done. Happy picture taking.