DT: How to Do Architectural Models in the Worskshop?

Introduction: DT: How to Do Architectural Models in the Worskshop?

I will take you step by step on how to make a model in the workshop and some sort of scenery around it, adding a sense of place to your model. Some steps have pictures with what I did on my model. Please feel free to comment, write a advise or like my instructable.

Step 1:

Produce a design idea that you think you could make, take into consideration the amount of time you have. For instance, I had only a week to spend on this project, that includes time to think about what I am going to make, measurements and making the model, so I made sure that the model was simplistic and easy to make by including many rectangular and square slabs on the architectural model.

Step 2:

The next step would be to write down measurements, and what I like to do is illustrate measurements with shapes. Measurements written down are the dimensions you would like it to be.

Step 3:

Draw up measurements on the material you're using and then you could do either way, depending on the type of material you have:

- If you're using cardboard/foam board, you should use a scarple knife and have a mat placed under, so that it can cover the mess.

- If you're using wood, you should go into the workshop to use band saw to cut rectangular and square shapes, and jigsaw to cut rounded shapes.

Step 4:

Make sure the layers are shaped to how you want it to look, by cutting the curved lines with a jigsaw and using a sanding machine to smooth the edges of the platform. I used PVA glue, but I would suggest to attach the layers of the platform together by using superglue, or even a wood gluing adhesive so that it would require less time to dry when left clamped. After, you have glued it together and leave it clamped. I had to leave mine overnight in the workshop.

Next to my model is the wood gluing adhesive that I used to stick the platforms, house and tree together.

Step 5:

I drew where I wanted my windows to be and then I drilled holes within the marked out area of the windows. I used a coping saw, around the hole, to cut the shape of the windows. Next, make sure that the platform is dry and firm, and then join the house with the platform by using the wood gluing sedative, the same as you used before.

Step 6:

Lastly, add a decoration to your model. Like, I added a laser cut tree to my model, using the program "Illustrator" to form a outline of what I wanted to cut. In this case, I shaped a outline of a tree, using a image I got online. And then, simply just stick it down onto the platform.

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    7 years ago

    Your model is great! I would love to see more photos next time along with your written steps. Thanks for sharing!!