Introduction: DUB SIREN

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ABMS - DUB SIREN - Synthetizer


A DUB-SIREN is a type of synthesizer used predominantly in Dub rhythms. It is usually a relatively simple oscillator housed in a box, often allowing a variety of waveforms to be changed by turning potentiometers by controlling pitch, rate, and other parameters. Dual sirens are often activated by a button, sometimes able to switch between continuous synthesis with a button pressed or sound emission only when the button is held. Because it was originated by sound systems, dub sirens are used predominantly to generate a series of rhythmic arpeggios in dub and reggae music.


In this project, we have a Dub Siren effect box, where it is possible to generate various effects by controlling some functions via potentiometers, such as high and low frequencies, speed, attack, time, volume, etc ...

Not professional, but for who likes a "box" of making effects and noises is very good ... These are controlled oscillators type 555. The controls are made by rotary switches and by potentiometers. LEDs indicate signal cadence. A handset or amplifier jack can be added, a small telephone headset has been added so that the sound can be emitted directly in the box. External power supply of 12V.

The controls are:

Potentiometer of modulation period (rate);

Rotary frequency range rotary switch;

Modulation range potentiometer (atack);

Modulation type key (pitch);

Frequency adjustment potentiometer (pitch);

Frequency range switch (pitch);

Level adjustment potentiometer;

Direct or pulsed signal switch.

Very easy to simulate any type of siren (police, American police, firefighter, ambulance, etc ... many sounds, even echo can be simulated.....


See in the figures 1 and 2 the schematic and printed circuit board layout respectively as well as photos of the entire project.

For more information and
details (get the original files) or any other questions please contact:


Step 3: PART LIST:


You can get all the files needed to build this project on ArduinoByMyself's GITHUB: https://github.com/Arduinobymyself/DubSiren

Step 5: PHOTOS:

The project's building phase photos...

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