Introduction: DUNE BUGGY (LEGO, WEMOS D1 Mini, 3D Printer)

This is a modified LEGO dune buggy remotely controlled by a cell phone.
The control bord is a Wemos D1 Mini. It controls a servo motor for the direction and a L298N motor controller for the motorisation.


I created this project at the Robotic program at the PolyvalenteDeCharlesbourg.

Step 1: List of Components

In order to achieve this final product, I selected these parts...

Step 2: The 3D Print Step

Step 3: The Modification Step

Once you have all in hand, you need to modify the LEGO model. It will be up to you to use your creativity to integrate them. On the other hand, if you prefer, I have made a video to guide you, located in the attached files.
Now it is to you to connect the wires of all the components, I also put a picture available for you.

Step 4: Lets Do the Blynk Part

Now, it is to you to do the BLYNK program.
Do the interface, add a joystick and write the numbers like me on the screenshot.

Step 5: Installing the Libraries

Now, you should program the Wemos chip using the arduino software Take note that it will be necessary to install the following libraries to program the chip.


  1. Go to sketches
  2. Include a library
  3. Manager
  4. Enter Blynk
  5. Install


  1. Go to tools
  2. Type of card
  3. Manager
  4. Enter ESP8266
  5. Install

Step 6: The Program

My program is available in the step 7.

  1. Install BLYNK on your mobile device
  2. Send your key trough your e-mail and copy it to the program where it is written: Char [] auth = "... "
  3. Enter the name of your network in: Char [] ssid = "... "
  4. Enter the network password: Char [] pass = "... "