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Introduction: DVD Cover - A3 Poster

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A simple elegant fold to transform an A3 poster into a DVD jacket.
1 vertical black and white version on thin paper
1 horizontal color version on thick paper

Step 1: Wash Your Hands, Breath ...

Take an A3 paper, fold an angle to the opposite side's middle so you draw kind of a diagonal from a corner to the middle of the further opposite side (the short one).
Do the same symetricaly, it will overlap on a few centimeters.
Fold the long strip in it's center perpendicular to the long side.
Make a preparation diagonal fold before you transform it into a square by folding in the extremities toward the center.
You're done.

I recommend to use a paper to fold so your nails don't leave traces nor 'paint' the ink all over ... if you're using white paper mmmmmm so beautiful white paper ...

Step 2: Models

This fold is nice to send your film to friends, family, festivals ... It works horizontal and vertical, european (left>right) and oriental (right-left). I works also with either thick and thin paper BUT be careful if it's a laser print on thick paper : the fold tends to destroy the ink and it can get uuuuuggggllyyy ...

The last file (last extra image) is the A3 (R) poster of my film ready for print. It took me a little while to figure out how titles should be arranged so every text is readable and uncroped.

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    15 years ago on Introduction

    It would have been nice to see this in multiple steps instead of a multi-paned photo showing the steps too small to see. I can't make heads not tails from the instructions.

    cesar harada
    cesar harada

    Reply 15 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, thanks for comment. If you want to see a larger image, just click on the image little "i" in the top left hand corner, you can even download the very large image and work it offline. Cheers.