DVD/Video Game Case Recycled/Re-used Box



Introduction: DVD/Video Game Case Recycled/Re-used Box

Welcome to my first instructable!

I am entered in the contest: Joby Transform It! Challenge which can be found at this link:  https://www.instructables.com/contest/joby/ and I would appreciate your vote to win this contest! 

DISCLAIMER: There is heat and metal involved in the making of this project; I take no responsibility for injury during this instructable nor do I assume responsibility for any other damages made to yourself or others nor material possessions that may get burned...CAUTION: HOT.

This project took me probably 25 minutes total to do, It's simple, yet oh-so-riveting!

Now lets get started!

Step 1: Supplies

Your going to need:

(3) or more DVD/Video Game cases
(1) Ruler
(1)Sharpie (and possibly one back up)
(1) Can of spray adhesive or any other adhesive you can find
(1)Butter knife you can throw away afterwords
(1)Stove top
(?) Newspaper!

Step 2: Drawing the Cutting Lines

Take your DVD/Game cases, ruler, and sharpie, and your going to measure 1/2" on each side...now remember though, that your going to need a front and back for your box, so you must measure only the front of the back DVD/Game case and the back of the front of your DVD/Game case as well as both sides on the middle case.


Top case: Measure 1/2" on back
Middle case: Measure 1/2" on front and back
Bottom case: Measure 1/2" on top

Step 3: Cutting the Hole

Now your going to be going over to the stove and turning it on HI, then place your butter knife on top of the burner on the stove. My stove is electric and heated my butter knife quite nicely; Just let the knife heat up until you think its hot enough to cut through the plastic, but not hot enough to heat up the handle of the knife. Turn on the fan because you are burning plastic and smoke will appear as you insert the knife through the case to create the hole. Continue heating and cutting until you have all three or more of your cases cut out properly.

Step 4: Creating the Box

Now take your newspaper and spread it out across your working surface, place the three or more cut out DVD/Game cases on top of the newspaper. Now your going to spray the outline that is left after you have cut out the center of each case. Let the glue dry a little so it is tacky before placing together; This will help seal the bond between the cases.

Now let it dry and your done!

Step 5: Finished!

Now you can store your valuables in your box that closes and opens functionally!

Thank you and don't forget to vote!

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