Knex DVD/Wii Disk Holder

Introduction: Knex DVD/Wii Disk Holder

Hi everybody! This is my first instructable that I made and I hope you like it!

Step 1: Gathering the Pieces


40 Yellow

10 White

31 Gray

15 Blue


24 Gray

15 Red

24 White

And I'm Guessing 88 Green

Step 2: Half of the Bottom Frame

Make 4 gray pieces and set them in a square. Make 2 sets of 5 yellows and 6 greens. Put one white piece on each of the 4 gray pieces.

Step 3: The First Part of the Bottom

Make sure you read the rectangles.

Step 4: The Rest of the Bottom

Make what is shown and keep putting the layers on until it has reached the top.

Step 5: Finishing the Border

Build 2 of the 5 yellows and 6 greens then attach them to the other 2 edges.

Step 6: The Holders and Outside Edges

Take all of the red rods and attach them to the gray and blue connectors. Then take all of the gray rods and attach them to all of the yellow and 4 gray connectors.

Step 7: The Rest of It

Read the rectangles to see what to do. Good Job! Now you're done. Now you have a place to store your Wii or DVD disks.

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    6 years ago

    Looks good but put knex in the title

    Wow that's a great use kinects, and it looks like it's perfect for the job! Well done, and welcome to instructables!