Introduction: DYI Car PC

this car pc can come handy for everyone as navigation,PMP,RADIO,TV player

also for EV monitoring and controller programing

i have used an asus EEEPC 70x 7" laptop and converted it to car pc
this laptop uses around 1.2A at 12V wich is ideal for limited power vehicles as EV

finished photo will follow
i am still waiting for touch screen

Step 1: Removing Unneeded Parts

you can remove

the case
wifi module
front camera (is an small usefull usb camera that can be used later as rear camera)
the battery

Step 2: Needed Parts

you need
main board
inverter board
LCD display
front plastic case

you need to buy
- rs232 usb adapter (sold separatly)/if you need RS232 interface for programing 
- bluetooth usb adapter (sold separatly)/if you need Bluetooth
- gps usb adapter (sold separatly)/if you need GPS
- TV/FM USB tuner  (sold separatly)/if you need TV/FM
- 7" touch screen   (sold separatly) this one is not optional !!!
- 4 risers
- 1 plastic box 250x150x40 mm
- plastic glue
- 3 recicled pc collers 20mm height


bolt the 4 risers to the motherboard holes
mount the plastic separator
glue the inverter on the back side
and lcd on front side