Introduction: DIY HMD

Do you enjoy gaming, ready for the next big thing? Then this is a project for you! Listed are the instructions for a quick, cheap, and easy to build d.y.i. virtual reality system that allows people to enjoy games in virtual reality from home without spending big bucks on fancy technology.

Step 1: Getting What's Needed

Please note that part one is for building the body. Print out the template for an easy build. You will need to gather a large cardboard box, knife, gaffer tape, elastic, and a glue gun. Notice that lenses are needed to make these special lenses, get three +273 reading glasses and tape them together.

Step 2: Cut Out the Template

Please note that the piece labeled top and bottom must be cut out twice in same size; then slice the 1/2 strip off of one, that will be the top. Make sure to keep the strip, it will be needed later.

Step 3: Cut the Cardboard

Place the template pieces on a piece of cardboard and cut the pieces out. Save the scraps because you will need them later.

Step 4: Check Up!

Now, you should have a top piece, a bottom piece, two side pieces, a back piece, an inside piece, and an eye piece.

Step 5: Gaffer Tape

Cover the inside with gaffer tape. This would include one side of all the pieces except the piece labeled "inside", that will need both sides taped.

Step 6: Glue It Together!

Using a glue gun and our numbering guide, glue all the pieces together except for the eye piece and the back piece, that will need some modifications.

Make sure to not glue down 1/2in of the cardboard, bend the flap so that the box will be openable.

Step 7: Back Piece

To make the back piece you need to cut out a couple more pieces. This includes two sets of 1/2 in squares of Valero, the strip cut off trim the top, the back piece, two 3/4in by 2in pieces, six 1 1/4in by 3/8in, and three 3/8in by 3in.

Step 8: Glue It Together

Take the three 3/8in by 3in and glue them together, likewise do the same with the six 1 1/4in by 3/8in, but in stacks of three each. The reason for the two separate blocks is for a space to put a phone charger. Use a mobile device to measure out the space and mark the space where the phone will go. It should be snug. Once those pieces are glued down, glue down the 3/4in by 2in pieces one on each side. Now put Valero at the top of each side and on the long strip. Glue the bottom, non-movable side onto the bottom piece.

The Valero matches up with with the edge of the top piece. This would the part that's not been glued.

Step 9: Inside Piece

Remember to place the inside piece inside, this should be directly in the middle of the body.

Step 10: Inside Piece

The eye piece should be slightly inside of the body.

Step 11:

Pop in and the lenses and you're set to go.

Step 12: Game Choice

Use a game in dual screen to play by uploading it up to your mobile device.

Step 13: Put Game on Phone

Take your mobile device and slide it into the HMD.

Step 14:

Insert your phone and start playing!

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