Introduction: DYI Hope Chest

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A personalized hope chest good for the whole house.

Step 1: Measurements

1. As with all furniture you need to as an idea to what you want to build. Have a plan for the height x length x depth. These are the 3 thing that matter the most when building something for a space inside or outside the house. Ensure to add detail dimensions and the space to add them.

Step 2: Cutting

Ok, so you've figured out the dimensions for your wood. You figured out which sides are going to go to the front or the sides, or top and bottom. Note to self if you made a line ..DO NOT CUT ON THE LINE!!!! cut just on the outside of the line. this allows you to both adjust by sanding and keeps your measurements...cutting on the line shortens the measurements. Cut out all parts.

Step 3: Putting Together

As with all furniture and almost everything you do alignment is always key. Make sure that when you put the pieces together you pre-drill with a drill bit just smaller than the wood screw used. Drill through the wood. Next counter drill the hole partially into the wood with a drill bit slightly bigger than the head of the screw. Screw the pieces prepared for the outer box portion. Next add hinges on the top outside of box. This allows for the Top to open.

Step 4: Sanding

Starting with a courser grit sand paper such as 60 (remember to smaller the number the courser it is) sand the wood till the deep pits or splinter start disappearing, then proceed to a finer grit sand paper. Continue getting finer and finer till you can rub a cotton ball without it catching on the wood.

Step 5: Staining

1. To stain, first make sure you have on rubber gloves. This will prevent your hands from getting covered. This prevents you from having direct contact with your skin avoiding health problems later and keeps your hands from getting sticky.

2. Take a clean rag and dip into the stain. The rag method rubbed on the wood helps to avoid streaks like a brush can leave and has a cleaner professional look. It also helps dry faster. More coats can be added after drying for a darker richer look.

Step 6: Designs

Normally designs would be added before you stain but in this case we stain the box sepperate from the designs.

1. First take (2) 10 x 12 pieces of wood, and draw or design the picture desired..if you can't draw get a buddy or friend who then design the wood.

2. Next take a etcher or dremel and etch out the design.

3. Take fine sand paper and sand over design lightly avoiding sanding off the design.

4. Follows the steps for staining.

5. Being careful using a cushion or something to avoid scratching, center and glue the plaquards to the side of Hope Chest. Allow to dry.

Step 7: Clear Coat (varnish)

Using brush varnish the stained portions of the Hope Chest.

Step 8: Enjoy

Place in house and enjoy.
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