Introduction: DYN Tablet Desktop Stand

My neck was sore from the constant use of phone, tablet and PC during the day.
I had to do something.

To enjoy and save my neck, I built a desktop support for my devices with recycled materials


  1. rolling shutter band
  2. base from old TV/Monitor
  3. pallet wood
  4. bolts
  5. nails
  6. paint

Step 1: Cut and Assemble Main Structure

Cut a U-shaped wood piece for the main body and fortify low portion, this will be operational for:

  • prop tablet
  • bolt down together main body and TV base

Make a H-shaped sled, paying special attention to leave more room between parallel elements. More room is to facilitate the slide up and down the main body

Step 2: Dig Sockets

Dig sockets with a rasp.

Step 3: Back and Locking "teeth"

Reproduce a clip for clothes with two pieces of wood
The closure of one side should be at the level of the edge of the other side.

Hammer it 3 or 4 nails on the closure and cut their head: they will function as teeth to bite the tape secured along the side of the support

Step 4: Result