Introduction: DZ300A Vacuum Sealer Repair

The DZ300A Vacuum Sealer is a household vacuum sealer which can be used with any type of plastic bag. Over time the vacuum sealer looses suction. Here is how to repair the unit.

Step 1: Remove Screws

With the unit unplugged from the wall, remove the 7 screws from the bottom of the unit with a phillips head screwdriver.

Step 2: Remove the 2 Plastic Rollers

Remove the 2 plastic rollers. One will pop out. To remove the smaller one, flex the sides of the mounting bracket and it will easily come out.

Step 3: Remove the Suction Nozzle

1. Remove the hose from the right hand side.

2. Flex the sides of the mounting bracket and remove the suction nozzle.

Step 4: Remove the Foam Filter

1. Remove the black rubber end cap

2. Using tweezers, remove the piece of foam which is located inside the suction nozzle. Overtime the piece of foam gets clogged up. You could replace this with another piece however the foam will decrease the amount of suction.

3. Soak the suction nozzle in warm water and then flush to remove any residue (a syringe helps here). A cotton bud also helps to clean inside the nozzle.

4. Dry the nozzle.

Step 5: Reassemble

Reassemble the vacuum sealer in the reverse order and then test the unit.