Da Magic Box

Introduction: Da Magic Box

How to make a box that could hold anything!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Liquid Cement
8 one and half in. Screws pointed
4 half in. Small pointed screws
1 can of white spray paint
3 cans of black spray paint
1 can of chalkboard spray paint
2 12in x 21in 3/4 width plywood (the top and bottom)
2 12in x 15in 3/4 width plywood (the sides)
1 21in x 16 1/2in foam board(aka the door)
1 12in x 21in foam board (the back)
12 four in. Diameter eleven in. lenght pvc pipes
2 small hinges
1 small knob
1 bottle of wood glue
1 piece of chalk
4 1/2 in. flat ended screws
4 nuts to fit the 1/2 in. flat screws
1 #1 phillips screw driver

Step 2: Glue Tubes

Glue the 12 pvc tubes to each other as shown in picture using liquid cement.

Step 3: Spray Painting

First, spray paint the pvl tubes with the white paint to cover up the bar codes and ink. Next, take the door and spray paint one side with the black board spray paint. Then, spray paint all the pieces of wood black and the other side of the blackboard painted board and on the one foam board.

Step 4: Draw What Ever You Want Onto the Blackboard Painted Board

You could draw a Calendar or art, what ever you want to do.

Step 5: Screwing the Hinges and Knob On

First, take the hinges and use screws and nuts to secure the hinge to the blackboard painted board on the opposite side of the painted side. Next, take the knob and place that on the opposite length side from where the hinges are.

Step 6: Ensemble the Box

1) Take one 12in x 21in plywood which will be used for the bottom and alight both 12in x 15in plywood with the outside of the bottom and fasten together using the 1 1/2in screws two per board.
2) Flip the fastened pieces of wood over and place the glued tubes inside
3) Take the remaining 12 x 21 plywood board and fasten to top of box with two screws for each side
4) Taking the door with the hinges on it fasten it to the box using the smaller screws and alight the door on the sides before fastening
5) Take the larger foam board and using the elmers glue glue it to the opposite side of the door


Capable of holding anything you can put in it including but not limited to shoes, magazines, or water.

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