Introduction: Da Rocket

Hi. I can't believe that this is my very instructable! This is super easy to make. This airplane also flies very straight and fast. Try to make it as perfect as u can!

Step 1: Paper

Of course to make this, you need paper.

Step 2: Fold Da Paper

Fold da paper in half, then crease the paper with your fingernail.

Step 3: Fold Two Triangles

Fold 2 triangles on the side of the paper, like the image above.

Step 4: Fold Da Paper

Fold the paper like da image above.

Step 5: All Planes Need Wings

Fold 2 wings and try to make the wings da same length. It does not have to be perfect though.

Step 6: Tiny Triangles

Fold two tiny triangles at the the end of each wing, and then u r free and can fly your airplane anywhere u want!