Introduction: Dabangg Glasses

Ever since I saw this movie Dabangg( Bollywood movie) I was inspired by these glasses that the hero of the movie wears where there is a reflection of a heart shaped led lighting on his aviators. I wanted to make something like it and with the Halloween  coming I thought it will look perfect for the occassion.

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Step 1: How to Make It

Thanks to Harish Damodardan who instantly offered to help, we brought this idea into existence in under 4 hrs. (Yes spent lot of time beautifying it)

Things needed to built:
1> Cardboard
2> Printer (to print the design)
3> Stickers/ wacky design printouts to decorate the glasses
5> RGB slow flash led ( you can substitute it with any other led also)
6>CR232 battery
7> Battery holder ( Radioshack < 1$)
8> Solder iron
9> Glue gun
10> Multi strand wire
11> Scissors

Step 2: Building

And thats it.......

Firstly lets start with building the glasses themselves...

Since I did not have a cheap glasses that I was wiling to part with I just decided to build one using cardboard. ( Also this gave me more flexibility to work with)

Thanks to my friends at I found a printable layout for the glasses.
( I found the length of the ear pieces a bit on the shorter side for my head hence had to compensate it by using a string at the back. I would recommend you guys to either cut it a bit longer than shown (as it doesnt hurt) or at least test it on your ear once).

So print out the layout and stick it on a piece of waste cardboard ( probably from something cool you ordered off the Internet :D ) and cut the cardboard along the lines of the layout. I would recommend using packaging tape or electrical tape to tape the paper on the cardboard so that its easy to take the paper off once the cardboard is cut. We need to take 2 cutouts of the center eye piece as the back piece will hold the leds and the front piece will hold our design.

Step 3: Making the Front Eye Piece:

In order to make our heart design I used Microsoft Word. Apparently the new version at least has a built-in heart shape. All I had to do was to make concentric hearts. The largest one being around 1.15 inch wide. Print it out and cut it using a hobby knife. Color it using a black sharpie. Harish, came up with this ingenious idea to make the glass pieces, " Just stick a piece of packaging tape". Its clear so we can see through it.. plus on the adhesive end we can stick our hear design. We used paper and skull design to decorate and cover all the exposed cardboard.

Step 4: Making the Rear Piece:

This is where the LED's go. First we covered the entire piece with a piece of paper and colored it with a black sharpie. The circuit is pretty simple. The two leds go parallel with the battery holder. Solder the circuit and stick the leds on the rear piece with a glue gun such that the led is hidden behind the center heart. Bend the ends of the two ear pieces and stick them with the rear eye piece. Also at this point you can cut small pieces of paper vertically on either ends of the led so that you can see something through the glasses

Step 5: Putting the Pieces Together

I just used U-Pins to put the two pieces together. It looked fancy and served the purpose. One can glue them together too....

Step 6: Video