Introduction: Dachshund Wheelchair

our dachshund hurt his back, so for rehab we made him swim a lot and i built this chair until he could use his back legs again.

Step 1: Some Assembly Required

bought about $20 worth of stuff

Step 2: All Together Now

parts: 2 - 8" pneumatic wheels, 1 aluminum tent pole, 2 dome nuts, 1 medium black dog harness,

2 locking nuts, 1 box of tennis racket padding,

2 metal right angle frame braces, 1 8" all-thread,

2 crown locking nuts, 4 - 1/8x3/4" nuts and bolts,

2 tap screws, 2 -5/8 carriage bolts and nuts,

1- 36" aluminum shaft

i believe i found the wheels at "northern tool co":

tent poles:
all thread rod from home depot
the harness is made by petwear and it is a medium harness.

Step 3: Wrapped the Harness to the Bar

made a U shaped bar and wrapped it with tennis racket tape

Step 4: Last Step

fixed it all together and made it to where it would adjust for length of the dog.

Step 5: Figure 8

i bent the aluminum rod into a figure 8 shape with a mallet, by hands and a vise.
i made sure there were no ruff marks on it so it wouldn't scratch the pup.

Step 6: Another

i drilled to small recessed holes in the aluminum shaft to connect the L-brackets.
and bolted them together. i hand-sanded the heads of the screw to wear they were smooth.