Introduction: Dad's Spaghetti Pie

Don't know what to do with those pesky left overs? Don't worry this is just the recipe for you! It's little hassle because.. well... you just ate it yesterday, and it tastes even better the second time around.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

The things that you'll need for this recipe are:

1. Spaghetti sauce (left overs are great, but it isn't a necessity)
2. Enough spaghetti noodles to fill just most of a pie tin (in this case left over noodles do work the best, but you can still make them fresh).
3. Fresh parmesan cheese
4. Fresh mozzarella cheese
5. Small curd cottage cheese
6. 2 tbsp butter
7. 2 eggs
8. extra cheese (if desired)

Step 2: Start to Put Together...

After all of your ingredients are out, bring out two separate bowls. Put your noodles in one bowl and crack your eggs in the other. Beat your eggs and then pour them over the noodles and mix them up very good with a spoon or even with your hands if you want. Now pour the melted butter and about 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese into the noodles and mix it all up again. You could even put more cheese in the noodles if you wanted. I wouldn't put any more than 1 cup though. Make sure everything is evenly mixed up. By the way nothing except the butter has to be melted or warm at this point. (That is unless you made your noodles fresh then would want to let them drain and cool and dry for a while).

After you have the noodles all mixed and all eggy and gooey, pour them into the pie tin. Fill up the pie tin with noodles just almost to the top of the pie tin. Make sure that the noodles are all patted down and evenly spread throughout the pie tin.

Step 3: Even Cheesier...

After you put the noodles into the pie tin, you'll want to be adding the cottage cheese! If you open up the cottage cheese and it's really soupy and runny and watery then you might want to try to strain it out a little bit. Otherwise your finished pie is gonna be a little bit mushy. (Not that spaghetti isn't mushy though) You just don't want any extra moisture in there!

So take a fork or spoon and add a slightly thick layer of cottage cheese to the top of your noodles. Smooth it out as you add until you have completely covered the top of the noodles. If you're a little bit foggy on how much cottage cheese to use, I had a 16 oz. tub of cottage cheese and only about 2 spoon fulls were left when I was done putting the layer on the pie. So that should give you some idea.

Step 4: Add the Sauce

you're almost done! Take whatever spaghetti sauce you had made (or it could even be Prego you cheater!) and slowly pour it on top of the cottage cheese and smooth it out with a spoon. Again, if you're a little unsure of how much sauce you should be putting on here, it should be just a little bit higher than the lip of the pie tin. Especially in the middle of the pie. And don't worry about the height of it because it won't rise in the oven or anything and the baking time is pretty short so you won't have to cover it with tin foil and ruin its good looks.

After your done piling on the sauce, top it off with some mozzarella cheese. Just load the stuff on there! And if you want any more put that on there too!

Step 5: Pop in the Oven and Enjoy!

You're all set now to just throw in the oven! Set the oven to about 350 degrees and put it in for about 40 minutes and it should be all set to go!

It cuts just like a pie and everything so no worries there. Hope you enjoy!

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