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You can't be in Macbeth and not spend an entire Sunday making a dagger out of cardboard.

Well, I can't.


In any case, I wanted to make a dagger that looked like (if it was real) it would be from the renaissance era. I googled renaissance era daggers and tried to replicate the style as best I could. I ended up with a very satisfactory (to me, at least) dagger and lot of new techniques that I might even want to use to add embellishments to my other weapons.

Here's a list of materials:
1) Cardboard
2) A thin wooden pole. I used a pole that was about five millimeters in diameter.
3) Thin craft foam
4) Thick craft foam (around 5mm thick)
5) Packaging foam. You'll find it in shipment packaging - it's thinner and more pliable than the craft foam, and you can see the cells.
6) Foil tape
7) Electrical tape
8) Masking tape
9) Double sided tape
10) Decorations. I used Recollections "Glitter on a Roll" (basically a tape roll that has glitter all over it and is carved up) which I'm totally not advertising because it looks great and the glitter comes off all over everything. I also used a bunch of rhinestone stickers. Additionally, I made quite a few of my own decorations.
11) Handle wrapping material: I used black friendship bracelet thread.

You'll need a few tools: scissors, a mechanical pencil, a ruler, and a box knife.

This is a 2.1 model (you'll know what that is if you look at any of my other [old] melee weapon instructables). It's just 2.0 with a few changes and embellishments. In any case, here it is.

To find out how to make weapons like these, I have an Instructable here.

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