Introduction: Daihatsu Terios Lights Tuned Up !!!

Hi this is my first instructable and i did want to make it about my car. Is a Daihatsu Terios 2004.

My bro bought me some speakers for christmas but i didnt knew were to put it so lets start.

Step 1: The Speakers

They are a Xs-GTF6935R Xplod Sony 6x9 Speakers, my brother he gave me for x-mas, but i never knew were to put it, then i had an idea. Here is the tecnical stats.

Maximum input power: 300W
Power rating: 60W RMS
Subwoofer material HOP
Suspension rubber coated textiles
Midrange speaker material HDLD
10mm tweeter
Frequency Response: 27 Hz to 30 kHz
Sensitivity: 93 dB / W / m

Step 2: Materials

In a hardware store I bought 2 boxes of 6 x 9 they cost me around 12 dolars.

I do not want to put the typical box speaker, so I want to put light on them, I purchased 8 bright blue LEDs, 4 for each speaker, 5 meters of cable and 8 little plastic things were you can put the leds and 500 ohms resistance.


Step 3: Preparing the Boxes

With our drill we make the holes for the leds (one in each corner).

Then we soldered our resisntencias with the leds also the wires connecting positive and negative and finally we put the plastic inside the led and we insert them on the boxes.

Step 4: Conecting Both

Before anything, I try the speakers and did not have a good bass sound, in that case I did an extra hole to the other side so the bass air comes out, I put a rubber filter to get more clean sound, because the ruber filter catch the dirt sound.

Now we are going to use a pc conector cable I put it to conect the electricity of the two boxes, so first we do a nice long cable in case we want to move our speakers anyplace in or outside the car, we solder the cables we put them together.

We put the screws and everything again in the boxes, the speakers everything.

We connect them to a power suply a voila we have our lights !!!

Step 5: Switch Connector

I did not have enough so I decided to make more connections and make the whole floor of my car with more blue leds and I put a connector from the main desk. (I did it in the night i was so exited jajaja).

Thats enough for the night I prepared how im going to do the conection but i really need good sun light.

Step 6: New Connections

I did the diagram in paper of how i was going to do whole connections in the car, if you can see the input voltaje, I put and fuse holder so the lights can be protected in any case of shortcircuit.

We hide the cables so they can go to the back of the car for the speaker box, we tied the cables o they dont fall, we connect them with the main powers.

I give it a last finally touch in the ventilation holes i put more leds.

Step 7: Result

Thats how it looks the car in the night, a great adventure.

The leds light are really good, you can see them from far far away, and all this instructable it just cost me 25 $ and some few hours hahaha.