Introduction: Daily Make Up Kit

Hi, I made a project called daily makeup kit and it is a prototype to keep yourself organized. I am a person who has a disaster with my makeup, for this reason, I decided to put 4 cans so I can divide where my, lipsticks, mascaras, brushes and concealers go. if you are like me this is the perfect prototype. This product can help you with time management and organization because you don't have to waste a lot of time finding your favorite lipstick and it keeps you organized.



1. 4 cans/Exacto knife

2. 2 sheets of white paper/ glue stick/ scissors

3. ribbons (your choice)/ glue gun

4. small flatted rectangular box

5. string

Step 1: Cut the Cans

Gather all materilas listed above but first grab 4 soda cans and with an Exacto knife cut the entire top part of the can in the form of a circle. Do this for the four cans.

Step 2: Wrap the Can With White Paper

Gather 2 pieces of white paper and cut them in half, then smear the can with a glue stick and wrap around the white paper. Make sure you cut the paper that is alittle bit bigger than the can (details later). Do this for the 4 cans.

Step 3: Put White Paper on Edges

Now that you have wrapped them, the cans have a sharp edge on the top, since you left a little bit of white paper floating on the top, fold it so that there is no sharp edges. then put scotch tape on the inside so that the white paper is stuck to the can.

Step 4: Time to Decorate!

Decorate the cans however you like. I put pink ribbons and Jute fabric but you can maybe spray paint them or paste different color paper. (do this for the 4 cans)

Step 5: Wrap Around the Box Scotch Tape

Now that you have your 4 cans decorated, find a small box (preferably a rectangle thin box). The box opens and closes, so what you are going to do is wrap around the box scotch tape so it doesn't open.

Step 6: Paste Cans to the Box

Paste with a glue gun two cans on one side that are next to each other and touching the ground. (do this for the other two cans on the other side).

Step 7: Paste String

finally to take your makeup kit where ever you like, paste the string in one side with scotch tape and the other end on the other side. (The final look should be like a purse). Now you have your product and you can organize yourself easier!.