Dalek Base 2.0

Introduction: Dalek Base 2.0

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This is an updated version of the dalek base/ship/station instructable I made, as of writing this, not too long ago. This new version features slightly altered dalek designs, some updated equipment (as mentioned in the previous instructable), and a closer look at Davros as well.


Legos. Lots and lots of Legos

Step 1: The Daleks

The daleks did not stray too far from the design shown in the previous instructable, although I did construct a new special weapons dalek, and the changes are obvious enough to not warrant an explaination. The change to the overall design though is simple; cheeseslopes are used to smooth out the edges of the "torso", around the back and at the back of the weapons panel.

Step 2: Davros

This design was left out of the previous instructable because it was originally meant to be similar to the others, but I decided to do it anyway here.

The chair isn't too complicated, and the parts are fairly simple. I ripped off one arm of an Imperial officer (star wars), and used a grey hand for the torso, and the head is that of an astronaut.

As with most lego things, if you don't think you have a piece, improvise (that's how this Davros came to be in the first place ;] )

Step 3: Monitors and Devices

These were created out of inspiration from the web series Daleks!.

I used a grey 90 degree jumper with a blue circular tile and a couple of studs for the monitor, and just removed and replaced the monitor with a grey piece for the other control panels.

To rotate them as seen with the strategist (the red dalek), simply mount them on studs instead of directly on the floor to give them some mobility to angle them.

Step 4: Geneticist Laboratory

A simple, blocky version of the previously discussed control panels is used for this monitor, and a simple jar/blender piece with grass blades smushed into them act as the kaled mutants being grown.

The emperor's tank is built in a similar fashion.

The emperor itself will not be discussed, as he did not change much from his original design in the previous instructable.

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    4 months ago

    I think it worth noting that these daleks are dense; each one is about 33 pieces


    Reply 4 months ago