Introduction: Dalgona Coffee | Whipped Coffee Drink | Best Whipping Tool

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Dalgona coffee, whipped coffee, cloud coffee, frothy coffee, whatever you want to call it, here's how to make it! I don't typically jump on trends, but with all the cafes being closed right now, I couldn't resist this Dalgona Whipped Coffee trend from TikTok. I also wanted to find the best/easiest tool to get that nice thick whipped topping so stay tuned to the very end to see how to get that Instagram worthy drink!

I made two variations of Dalgona coffee. The first was the original Dalgona Coffee recipe (using a milk frother) and the second one was a bit more personalized (using a hand whisk). I also experimented with the whipping tool and found the best one to get the best 'whipped' topping!

Step 1: Original Recipe

The original recipe calls for:

2 TBS instant coffee
2 TBS white sugar
2 TBS water

Mix coffee, sugar, and water (preferably warm to help everything dissolve) and use milk frother to mix. Mix for about 3 minutes. Pour over milk. I used skim milk and it was delicious!

The coffee mix by itself doesn't taste great, but mixing it in with the milk makes all the difference. Mixed with milk is delicious! In my opinion, the 2 TBS recipe makes enough topping for TWO coffees (unless of course you're going for that instagram worthy coffee drink, the more topping, the better!)

Step 2: Heidi's Recipe

I altered the recipe slightly to suit my taste a bit more. I used:

2 TBS instant coffee
1 TBS brown sugar
2 TBS water
almond milk

I wanted to experiment and try using a hand whisk (since this is something that most people already have in their house) to mix my topping this time. It took 10 minutes to thicken, 15 minutes to get nice and thick!

I poured half the mixture over almond milk, stirred, and enjoyed.

Step 3: Electric Mixer

I was a bit disappointed in the milk frother, since it didn't make the topping nice and fluffy, and the hand whisk was SO. MUCH. WORK. So I wanted to try one other alternative. I used my electric mixer (cake mixer) and it worked amazing!!!! The topping got so thick and fluffy like whipped cream and it only took 2 minutes!