Introduction: Damn Simple and Cheap Wifi Solar Repeater

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Hi! so years ago , i was on a very well-known town at the middle of Spain ,

a typical castillian old times town .

So i was in an old house , vintage house ( vintage for real! ) that did lack of a landline !


Gprs coldn't reach even 8kbps around there and most of the time with unnormal behavior.

I decided to "drain" wifi from my "loved" neighbours , and i was furious , because when

i got some good signal , surprinsingly it used to dissapear by the fact there were not

such a good straight-line between me and the proper wifi router.

During that time, i got the idea to make by my own , an smart invention

to repeat my network signal from a STANDALONE wifi repeater

but civilians , at the time did not have the proper items on the market,

either were unknown , strange or even expensive so no one could afford acquiring them

Today is easy! ,want to make one? i'll show you how

Step 1: Acquiring the Stuff

This is , maybe , the hardest part .

You'll need a wifi solar repeater which will be the "core" of this invention ,

obsiously it has to have a firmware and so on.

You can replace the repeater with a new openWrt SoC , i found months ago a very

interesting one in DX

SKU087003 from Bang_good will be interesting !

AND a solar power bank , this will be the power supply for your wifi chip

NOTE:It has to be able about giving power "in-hot" , i don't know how to ensure this issue , look for a good 1

Optional any item able to connect usb to female dupont jacks

Step 2: Using the Repeater

This is , the tricky part.

We have to dissasemble our wifi repeater , you better know what are you doing , if not,

you could ask for help in your "loyal" hardware store . Warning! it has two wired antennas on the inside,

as all "generic" repeaters available atm does .

So once you have done this part , you'll notice it has an AC-DC module and some connectors (i think JST)

to supply the main wifi repeater.And we take apart the repeater , because that's the interesting part

Step 3: Set Up Your System

Now it's easier as wiring the whole thing , you might have to being confortable with

networking themes to make it work , ensure the item comes with manual if not.

If you lack of a usb to dupont wire (i found it at Bang_good ) you can use an arduino for it,

but it will drain way more power if so!

Step 4: Bottomline

You need a solar power bank , a wifi repeater and any usb-to-dupont wire (you can do DIY work for it)

Next , you wire the whole thing , powering the wifi module with the power bank

Optional going further , covering the wifi repeater with plastic or any other material in order to making it waterproof

Step 5: