Dance Workout With Barbie

Introduction: Dance Workout With Barbie

My Homemade Dance! Workout with Barbie Costume was inspired by the Dance! Workout with Barbie video from 1992. I did this video countless times as a child, so I thought this would be a great idea for me. I began the process by purchasing the VHS on Amazon and even going through my old Barbie dolls and finding the actual doll with outfit and all.My costume is a white long sleeve t-shirt, white leggings, and white fabric all dyed pink, so that they would match perfectly. I also bought a white leotard, in which I took a star stamp and blue fabric paint and decorated it to match Barbie’s Leotard. The leg warmers are a pair of socks that I cut the toe off and decorated with the blue stars as well. I bought pink sweatbands and I had white tennis shoes. Barbie didn’t have a pink fanny pack, but I thought she needed one- and it was where I kept my phone and camera all night. My hair is pulled into a ponytail and then twist rope braided, and I used a pink scrunchy for full Barbie effect. My bangs are curled and pinned with a lot of hair spray and a couple of bobby pins. My makeup is mimicking Barbie’s blue eyeshadow, and to get a more “doll” look I used white eye liner on the line of the lid. To get into the spirit of Barbie Workout I popped in the VHS and made sure to do the work out all night long. When I would take pictures I would make sure my elbows were bent, because Barbie’s arms are not straight. I had a great time being Barbie, and everyone who remembers the video loved my costume!

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