Introduction: Dancing Doll

Pull The Strings and It will Dance by moving hand and legs up and down...:)

Kids always enjoy...Dolls making sound or one which has some movements....

Let's make one with things around us....


Straw, Thread, Paper clip, Plastic spoon, pencil, Cardboard/thermocol/polystyrene, Cello tape, Glue and thermocol cutter.

Step 1:

Step 2: Lets Draw and Cut - Doll Body

Draw the doll shape (limited to your imagination) with pencil and Cut it using a cutter

We need two! Front and back

Step 3: Lets Make Hands and Legs

Now take the straw and cut to required (proportional to body) length.

Let's keep the hand straight.

Let the legs have a knee...portion, so cut almost 80% but not full, so that it will be flexible but won't split apart.

Insert chopsticks (optional)

with the paper clip(open and make it straight) put holes in straw as shown in image and tie thread and insert cut a small piece of the paper clip through it. (this is for the lever-hand and leg movement mechanism)

Step 4: ​Material Selection



Paper clip

Plastic spoon


Cello tape

Glue and thermocol cutter

Step 5: Stoppers for the Leg and Hand Strech (Optional)

Position with small pieces of polystyrene pieces to restrict the lever mechanism of hand and leg movements

Step 6: Fix It!

Fix the hands and legs

Stick and tape the spoon (which is the head of the doll)

Using tape join the front and backside of doll (with all strings )

Step 7: Give Face and Body Colors (Your Creativity... Let's Play :)

Stick with tape and do the art work

Doll is ready now...
Let's play by pulling the strings

Step 8: Lets Play :)

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