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Introduction: Dancing Vibrating Bug

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In this short and simple instructable I'll show you how I made an awesome little dancing bug using the vibrating motor from an old mobile phone and other parts.

Thing you will need

  • 2x 3v button battery's
  • 1 button battery holder with On/Off switch
  • Vibrating motor (removed from old mobile phone)
  • Approx 10 inch cooper wire
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1: Remove Vibrating Motor

Take apart the old mobile phone and remove the vibrating motor.

Step 2: Making the Frame

Using the cooper wire, make a body and four legs (see image).

Solder together and hot glue to battery pack.

Step 3: Add Vibrating Motor

Solder the battery pack wires to the motor.

Now hot glue the motor to the main body.

Add googly eyes (optional)

Turn on and have fun.

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