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Introduction: Dangle Rainbow Jump Ring and Chain Earrings

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I've been wanting to experiment with more rainbow jewelry designs and this was my first experiment with rainbow jump ring jewelry. This is a simple pair made up of surgical steel chain and rainbow jump rings in just three strands.

My goal is to make fun rainbow jewelry that is classier than a lot of what is out there (meaning the more kid focused rainbow jewelry), but maybe not so dainty. I want my designs to stand out without being gaudy.

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I got most of my supplies off of Etsy from JewelryToolBox. Whatever jump rings you use, make sure they fit on the chain you use.

I originally put the jump rings in there to attach the red one to the earring but didn't end up using them.

I use surgical steel because it lasts better than sterling silver, but use your chain and metal of choice.

Step 1: Planning in Tinkercad

I could have just drawn this out, but I thought it would be easier and more fun to plan these earrings using Tinkercad.

To start, I mocked up the jump ring that is 4.90mm by 4.90mm.

Next, I duplicated it until I had as many jump rings as I planned on using AND spaced them out so that the earring would be about 3 inches long.

I knew I wanted three strands so I moved the rings around to distribute them between the three strands.

I connected the jump rings with rectangles to signify the chains I would be using. I knew I would attach them directly to the jump rings so I just had them touch the sides of them.

When I had all the rectangles, I color coded them and lined them all up and grouped them by size.

Now I have my chain lengths which are 11.7mm (1), 23.6mm (1), and 30.10mm (4).

Time to make these earrings!

Step 2: Prep

Time to cut the chain to length.

As mentioned, for a single earring, you'll need 1 chain at 11.7mm, 1 at 23.6mm, and 4 at 30.10mm.

Step 3: Assemble

Now that I have my chains cut to length, I can carefully assemble the earring. Remember not to scratch the finish on the jump rings.

I found it helped to lay it out to make sure I had the lengths in the right spot.

For the red jump ring chain, I decided to attach the jump ring right to the earring rather than use a jump ring to attach it.

Also, I decided to put them in order ono the earring starting with the red strand, then orange, then yellow. I did this because the red jump ring just disappeared behind the ther chains so I need that up front. I originally put it in back because it was the longest strand.

Step 4:

Enjoy your earrings! I did a pair in surgical steel and a pair with a black enamel chain.

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