Introduction: Dark Princess Cake


From time to time i enjoy a no fuss, no muss Devil's Food cake mix from Betty Crocker which is really a tasty cake all by is self.

But, when it comes to sweets, experimentation is a must especially for me as i do enjoy all kinds of sweets, don't you?

So, after a few attempts i have come up with a cake of my taste. Whoever tasted, ask for the recipe before even finish a piece of cake.

Thus, I believe that the time has come to publish it now that has become everybody's favorite cake recipe.

The combination of devil's food cake mix, dark couverture chocolate drops, dried and sweetened cranberries, cranberry juice, walnuts, brandy(cognac), cinnamon and a few drops of Tabasco makes an ultra moist but stiff enough, heavy flavored, dark black/red cake to remember for life.

This my friends is not any cake, not an every day cake. This is the Dark Princess.


Extreme addiction. Extreme calorie reception.

Consume one piece at the time / day. You have been warned!

Cranberries and walnuts are good for your health.

Cranberries nutrition facts and analysis:

Walnuts nutrition facts and analysis:

OK lets cook.

Step 1: Dark Princess Cake Ingredients

Conversion: milliliter [EU liquid] - to - ounce [US liquid]

One package Betty Crocker – Devil's food cake.

90ml / 3oz Vegetable oil, preferably olive oil.

300ml / 10oz Cranberry juice.

100ml / 3.4oz Dried Cranberries.

100ml / 3.4oz Couverture Dark Chocolate Drops.

100ml / 3.4oz Cranberry or Strawberry Topping.

3ts Dark Cocoa Powder.

150ml / 5oz Smashed Walnuts.

30ml / 1oz Brandy (good quality cognac) [optionally but a must]

1ts Cinnamon.

2 Eggs.

10 drops Red Tabasco.

1ts Vanilla extract / powder / syrup (correction: in any form add it to the first bowl)

½ ts Salt

Step 2: Items Required

Air circulation oven

Table spoon

Silicone cake form: 25cm / 10inch inner diameter Or 1200ml / 40oz capacity, suitable for temperatures up to 200°C / 390°F or more.

One liter /33.8oz Bowl => x2

Table top or hand held mixer

One hour Timer

Step 3: Combine Ingredients to the First Bowl

In one bowl whisk the cranberry juice, dried cranberries, cranberry or strawberry Topping, cognac, vanilla, tabasco and the walnuts.

Put in refrigerator for at least 4 hours or better yet overnight.

When the time comes remove the bowl from the refrigerator and continue the preparation.

Now is the time to turn on the oven at air circulation mode. Set it at 160°C / 320°F

Step 4: Combine Ingredients to the Second Bowl

In the second bowl whisk very well the Devil's Cake mix, dark chocolate drops, cinnamon, dark cocoa powder and salt.

Step 5: Mixer

Pour in the mixer bowl the first bowl mix (liquids), start the mixer at low-medium speed and pour in spoon by spoon the ingredients of the second bowl (dry) until all combined well. Mix for an other 2 minutes.

Step 6: Bake the Cake

There is no need to grease the silicone form. Pour the mix from the mixer bowl to the Silicone cake form and gently placed between the middle and lower position of the oven. From this point and on Do Not open the oven's door as the heated air will escape. Bake for 40 minutes – no more - at 160°C / 320°F.

Remove the cake from the oven and let it cool down at room temperature.

Do not attempt to remove it from the silicone form as it is very moist, hot and most probably it will fall into pieces. The moisture between the cake and the silicone form is an other key to success.

Patience is the key here!

Step 7: Ways to Enjoy the Dark Princess

When the cake come at room temperature cover it with a cake keeper and put it in refrigerator.

If you cut it into slices use a plastic wrap to cover every slice and put it in the refrigerator, this will prevent any moisture loss. That way the cake will be fresh for at least 15 days.

Enjoy the Dark Princess as is or use any topping you prefer.

The combination of cranberry or cherry jam (preservers especially) on top makes it superb.

Vanilla pudding, vanilla cream, vanilla ice cream or panacotta along with a piece of cake it's like heaven on earth!

Thank you for your time and...

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