Introduction: Dark Souls Black Knight Halberd

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This is a Black Knight Halberd from the game Dark Souls. The project was a request from out of my state so i had to make it be able to be shipped. That is why it is in different pieces and threaded on to the poll instead of the hilt being part of the blade. It is almost entirely 3d printed; the only parts not printed are the threaded rod and the poll. I'm super excited to share this project. I put a lot of work into the 3d modeling of it. This is my first Instructable in years so I hope you like it!


  1. 3D printer
  2. 3D printer filament
  3. sand paper
  4. spray paint
  5. dowel rod
  6. super glue + activator

Step 1: 3D Printing

Download all the files and scale them by 26000%. now that there scaled to the right size you can start 3D printing! I set my infill to 5% and had a tree support structure. I find that the tree support does a way better job and is way easier to remove then other forms of support. For me it took up 625g of material and 2 days to print everything so get ready for a long print!

Step 2: Post Processing

Now its time to glue and paint. I used super glue and activator to glue everything together. the cool thing about it is with the activator it drys and cures instantly! After that I started sanding making sure all the seems are smoothed out. Once you have the sanding done then its time to paint. It took me 2 coats of paint. After you have it all painted drill a hole into your poll and slide the threaded rod in there with some super glue and drill another hole in the blade for the threaded rod. this last part is optional if you don't need to send it to anyone instead you can just glue the blade to your poll.

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