Introduction: Dark Walnut Coffee Table

This coffee table is the very first time I picked up a hammer and nail. I've never built anything before this table. I think it came out pretty good!

Step 1: In the Beginning.....

I was able to acquire a pretty nice dense pallet for the table top. I had to completely breakdown another whole pallet for this project.

Step 2: Marry the Pallets

I took the lesser of the two pallets and used them to fill in the gaps.

Step 3: She's Got Legs!

I found a spare piece of 4X4 and cut them about 16in. in length. I notched out space with a jigsaw underneath the table to fit the legs. I glued the tops of the legs and hammered 3in. common nails in through the top. I did want this table to be rustic and kind of industrial. Hence why I left broken nails, cracked or broken wood in the project.

Step 4: Sanding...

Nuff said.

Step 5: ....more Sanding.

I believe I sanded with 220 grit for the finishing coat. I then stained it with dark walnut stain and only 2 coats of poly coat.

Step 6: Fin!

This table turned out really great. To date I think this table is one of the nicest pieces I've built. Enjoy!!

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