Introduction: Darn Yarn Hat!

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This is my very first Instructable. I am 11 years old. I am using my Dad's account. I hope you enjoy. :-)


This CHADOVISION approved. This my daughters very first Instructable. She saw how much fun I have had doing them she want to do some too. I am actually very happy/proud how this came out.

Step 1: Materials

This hat is what my Instructable is about. This is what you will need

2 colours of yarn ( I make the pompoms out of a thinner yarn then the rest of the hat.)

Step 2: Getting Started

To cast on you wrap the yarn around the loom like this. You do that all the way around the loom. Do that twice. It will look something like this.

Step 3: Next Steps

You stick the needle in the bottom loop and lift it over the peg. Keep doing this all around the loom. The inside looks like this.

Step 4: Repeat

Just repeat steps 1 - 2 over and over wrap string around peg stick needle in bottom loop then lift that loop over the peg

Step 5: Keep Going We Are Getting There

Like before keep doing the three easy steps, wrap string around peg, stick needle in bottom loop, and lift over the peg you can count the number of rows by theses little stitches right now you should have 15-16 rows.

Step 6: Next Steps

Once you get to 20 rows you can stop using the three steps and move on to the next three steps

Step 7: Lifting Off the Loom

The next three steps of my hat are, stick the needle in the loop, pull the string all the way through the loop, then you lift the loop off the peg.

Step 8: Sewing

You sew it up with the needle going in out over the string.

Step 9: Pompom Maker

You cut a 38 cm ( 15 inch )piece of string from the thinner ball of yarn as in the black and white ball of yarn I am using in step #1. Put it in the pompom maker as I am in the first photo.

Step 10: Pompom 2

Place the second pompom maker under the first one. Like in the first photo. Cut a 19 foot long piece of the black and white string.

Step 11: Wrap Your Pompom

Take the 19 foot piece of string and wrap it around both of the pompom makers until you have no more string to wrap around . Just tuck the ends in with the rest of the string for now.

Step 12: Double Knot

Tie a tight double knot with the two ends then grab your scissors and get ready to cut.

Step 13: Cut the Knot

Cut all of the strings in half like in photo # 2 , then cut the rest of the strings in half.

Step 14: Getting Close to the End

Once all of the strings are cut in half your pompom will look something like this one.

Step 15: Tie on Your Pompom

Turn you hat inside out and pull two piece of yarn through and tie off your pompom from the inside then turn your hat right side out. Now repeat steps 9 - 15 one more time.

Step 16: Double Check Your Work

Make sure that the pompoms are tied on both sides then turn right side out and...

Step 17: The Finished Product

You now have a cool homemade hat!!!!!!!!!!!

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