Introduction: Dart-case Using Dremel-cnc

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I had NO idea i would use so much time in just building a small case, and size and shape was done on a table saw, and sanding-machine at a friend. Also im fairley new in the cnc world, so there is no drawings from the planning, because i just tried and got new ideas on my journey.

Step 1: Open and Close

My dream / plan, was to have a slim case but with space to the flights too.

I had a struggle to find small enough hinges, so another box had to be a doner, and that one was split in half.

in my "masterplan" some small magnets should hold it closed, to awoid surprices in my pocket.

But lesson learned. The supermagnets i got, is polarized on the sides, not in top/bottom. Thats the reason for exstra magnet-hole in the lid.

Step 2: The Cnc-part

i went to Easel (webpage you can draw and mill simple stuff) the box'es has rounded corners and the hole for the flights is a circle where i have pulled and adjusted a soft-curve.

Step 3: Flight-hole

In my Dremel case i found a tool i dont know what else used fore but it saved my day. At this point its by hand, the shaft of the tool is following the machined hole, and goes 3mm under. So when i put in the flights i bend them to get under the small lip.

Step 4: Tools's N Stuff

The trimming in the top and small trim for finger-opening is done by hand also. I didnt know how to make a home-position / drawing, when the wood was pre-cut in shape, and not milled from a square block of wood.

finishing touch, fine grid sanding and some oil.

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