Introduction: Darth Revan's Mask

Since I started playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, I wanted a Revan mask. The unfortunate thing is, there is no easy way to make one on the internet. The best one I found involved clay, and was a YouTube video. My sister came up with this idea for the new Star Wars movie, and we made it together! I never could've done this without my sister, so this Instructable is dedicated to her.

Step 1: The Materials

For this project, you'll need:

1. A craft mask. You can get this at A.C. Moore craft stores.

2. Plaster. Again, A.C. Moore.

3. Wire mesh. Avalable at A.C. Moore

4. 60 Grit sand paper.

5. Wire cutters.

6. A dish of water.

7. Paints. Red, black, and white.

Step 2: Mark Where to Cut

Using a pencil, mark where you want to cut. My sister and I ended up cutting from the top of the nose down, as shown in the picture. Once the cut is made, sand the cut edge with 60 Grit sand paper.

Step 3: Paint Over the Eyes

I don't have any pictures for this, because my sister and I made the mistake of putting the mesh on first, then painting. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE DID! Paint over the eye hole area and a bit past it onto the fore head, so you know that it is covered.

Step 4: Glue and Mold the Mesh

You'll want to use hot glue to keep the mesh in place while you form, plaster, and paint the mask. Give a little bit of space from the edge of the mask, since it's going to be on your face, and the mesh is sharp. When the glue dries, mold it into the shape of Revan's mask. Cut any excess off the bottom.

Step 5: Plaster the Mesh

Once the mesh is in the correct shape, you can now plaster the mask. Cut strips to whatever is manageable for you. Plaster everything except a section for the eyes and a small area for the nose. You should wrap around the edge of the mask, so you know everything is covered.

Step 6: Paint the Mask

When the plaster is dry, mark where the colors go. Use pictures of Revan's mask to know where to put each color. The three main colors are Dark Grey, Black, and Red. There is a strip of Dark Red from the eyes, going to the bottom. Make this dark red last. When the paint dries, get a nail big enough to fit through the hole and hammer through. When I nailed, some of the plaster came up and white showed. I just got a little more black and painted over the blemish. When the paint dries, You can put the string back in the mask, and you're completed! You have now made a Revan mask that is up to the standards of the 501st!

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