Introduction: Darth Vader Buttercream Transfer for Cakes

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How to make a Darth Vader frozen buttercream transfer. Buttercream transfers are a fun and convenient way to make a homemade picture cake topper. To find a Darth Vader outline, google search "Darth Vader drawing" and have your pick.

You'll Need:

Black and White Buttercream

Piping bag with #3 Wilton Tip

Waxed or Parchment paper

Darth Vader stencil/print out


Sheet tray or board

Step 1: Stencil

I created my stencil by searching for a Darth Vader Drawing and physically tracing the drawing off of my computer screen. You can also print out your stencil. Just make sure that you have it fit to size.

Tape the drawing (face up) down to the board or sheet tray, then tape down the waxed or parchment paper to top.

Add the vanilla buttercream to a piping bag with tip #3 and begin tracing the stencil.

Step 2: Piping

The smoothest method for tracing or precision piping (such as writing), is to keep the tip at least 1/4 inch above the surface. Don't drag the tip on the stencil, but rather let the buttercream fall where you'd like it to. This method helps to avoid mishaps and mess ups.

When moving to the eyes, fill them in and use the tip or a toothpick to mesh the buttercream together within the eye.

Step 3: FIlling

Place the entire board with buttercream transfer into the freezer and allow to harden for fifteen minutes. When ready, fill a piping bag with the black buttercream and tip #3 once again.

Begin to fill in the rest of the face making sure to apply extra pressure within the smallest areas of the stencil. This will help to force the buttercream into all of the areas. Make sure to use the tip to make small circles within the buttercream to avoid harsh lines being made. Watch the video for further explanation.

Step 4: Finishing

When the face is fully covered in black buttercream, also go over the white outline to make the entire surface of the transfer one height. This well ensure that all parts of the transfer are supported and nothing will collapse once it's flipped.

Gently use a knife or spatula to smooth out that top surface without bothering the white outline. Place in the freezer for at least 20 minutes or until firm.

Step 5: The Force

When the transfer is firm. Flip over and decide where to place the transfer without actually sitting on the cake. When ready, place the transfer into designated spot and gently begin to peel away the waxed paper. Moving to fast may break the transfer. After the paper is fully removed, small gaps made on the surface of the transfer can be filled with the buttercream.

You can also pipe a border around the transfer or enjoy the 3D effect without a border.

May the force be with you!

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