Introduction: Darth Vader Duct Tape Doggy Costume

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I made this dog costume out of duct tape .... um he loved it! My dog Gatsby is tiny so I wouldn't recommend for a big dog. Duct tape is hard to work with so this is a masterpiece as far as my opinion is concerned.

Step 1: Materials

Black duct tape
a willing little fur baby (dog)
a skull from Halloween about the same size as your dogs head or a ball

Step 2: Make the Cape

Take the tape from roll in a strip about 8 inches and cut with scissors. Fold it over itself so it's not sticky. Do this over again till you have a square to fit back of your dog. Once it's big enough cut it into the shape of a cape. Cut another piece to go around neck as a tie and fold it over so sticky sides are together. The cape is finished.

Step 3:

Take the skull and just start putting duct tape sticky side up over the top. Cut the piece and lay it over itself so it is no longer sticky. I used no specific formula here.... in fact I kind of winged it till I got a reasonable facsimile of Vader's Helmut. It is necessary tho to use a skull like this to even get close. we are now done. Time to call your dog.

Step 4: Put Your Dog in the Outfit

Grab your dog and put the cape on first. I made my cape ties long so I could tie it. Put on the hat and hope your dog doesn't go ham. I can't believe my eyes! It's Darth Vader! I realize it's not a grade A costume ... it's duct tape not Egyptian cotton. I still had fun making it and some good laughs

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