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After playing darts for a couple of years, I ended up with a lot of broken darts that`s why i am going to make a scribing tool from the barrel and the point of one of the broken darts.

For the back i used a scrap of pallet wood and a bolt and I made the back to look like the shaft and flight of a dart

This project is very easy and can be done by beginners


Step 1: Materials and Tools

for this project you will need :

Tools :

drill (drill bit ) , bench grinder ,Stanley knife, ca glue

Materials :

barrel and point from a dart, bold that fits in the barrel, small piece of wood ( 1,1,10 cm)

Step 2: Step 1 :​put the Bold in the Barrel

in the inside of a barrel there are treads that allow the shaft to screw on to the barrel.

after you have found a bold that fits in to the barrel you can put some ca glue on the bold so that is is permanently fixed in place. (pic 3 )

than you can use your bench grinder to taper the bold towards the end (pic 5 )

Step 3: Step 2 : Drill a Hole

before i cut my scrap of pallet woo to size i drilled a hole that has the same depth as the bold (pic 5 )

to find the center u drew a cross on the top of the wood and tried to drill as strait as possible.

something like a pen blank drill system that some lathe woodworkers have on their drill press would make this step a lot easier .

Step 4: Step 3: Carve the Shaft and Flight

After treating the bold on the drilled hole you can begin to carve the shaft.

I was basically trying to make a square piece taper towards a round piece i did this by cutting of he 4 corners (pic 1 ) and than making it fit on to the barrel (pic 2,3,4)

Than i made a v groove in the Square end of the piece (pic 5,6,7)

Step 5: Step 4 : Finishing

i started this by cutting of the exes material on the flight end of the dart (pic 1 )

than i sanded to 400 grid to make a very smooth surface.

at that point i saw that a there was a crack at the bottom of the shaft. i filled the crack with ca glue and than sanded it again

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