Darts Sighting Aid From Scrap

Introduction: Darts Sighting Aid From Scrap

Welcome to my first Instructable! Last father's day my lovely wife got me a professional Winmau dart board. I've been slightly obsessed, playing any chance I get. Desperate to improve my game, I came across this sighting aid. It helps you ensure that your eyes are perfectly aligned with the center of the board. It looked like something that was easy enough to make. A little searching on the web yielded these plans. Here's how I did it.

Step 1: Materials

You will need some wood. The type of wood is not important and the final dimensions aren't really critical. I just grabbed some scrap wood and cut it to size on my table saw. Here's what I used

  1. 500 x 250 x 12 mm plywood
  2. 500 x 100 x 12 mm plywood
  3. 500 x 30 x 30 mm poplar
  4. wood glue
  5. masking tape
  6. white paint
  7. flat black paint

Step 2: Assembly

Align all of the pieces along the back edge and glue. You can also use screws instead to glue. Once dry, sand the edges to remove any burrs and to even things up if necessary.

Step 3: Paint

While the pieces are drying, you can paint a strip of white down the center of the board. When the white paint is dry, use some masking tape to mask a 6 mm line down the center of the board. I cut down some 1/2" masking tape. Press the tape down firmly to avoid any bleeding. Then paint over everything with the flat black. I used spray paint but you can brush it on if you wish. Just make sure the black and white paints are compatible. When you remove the tape, you will be left with a nice clean white line down the center of the board.

Step 4: Setup

Next you want to place the sighting aid on the floor with the white line centered under the bullseye. I used a plumb bob tacked to the center of the bullseye and made a mark on the floor where it pointed. Then I lined up the white line on the sighting aid with the mark.

Step 5: Throw!

With the sighting aid in place, stand at the oche. If your eyes are perfectly aligned with the bullseye, the line on the sighting aid will look like one solid line. If you are standing even slightly to either side, the line will be broken into 3 pieces. Making sure that line is solid will improve the consistency of your stance and hopefully your score as well!

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3 years ago

What if I am going for d10 or d8, do I still want to be lined up with the bull? Thx


Reply 1 year ago

The center-line represents the middle of the board so you could either measure the distance from the center to your desired double, along the X-axis not as the crow flies.
Alternately, just drop a plum from your desired double and mark.
Best of all, don't move, learn to play with a rhythm from the one spot.


Reply 3 years ago

It depends on your style. The idea with this is to put you Iin the exact same position each time. Some people like to move for each throw.

Carpenter Guy
Carpenter Guy

5 years ago

This looks like it works great!


6 years ago

love it thank you

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Clever idea. Something like this might do a lot to improve my roommates aim and keep the dart off the walls.