Introduction: Dashcam Installation and 10 Tips on Why You Should Own One

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Video tutorial on how to install a dash cam, along with the 10 reasons of why you should own one. Dash cams can be fairly inexpensive and there is a large variety available on the market with a vast amount of options ranging from night vision, GPS, g-force measurements, mapping, etc. They can be used to keep your safe, monitor your property, monitor your day to day drive, and for recreational usage. Be sure that you understand how your dash cam works by reading the manual which will outline it’s operation and options.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • dash camera
  • window cleaner
  • microfiber cloth
  • secondary power source
  • memory card

Step 1:

Ensure your windshield is clean, any dirt on the windshield, both inside and out can jeopardize the quality of video. Place the camera is a high point where it’s able to have a wide view at the front of your vehicle. If you have a dash cam with multiple cameras, then this principle will need to be applied to other view points around the vehicle too. I prefer the around the rear view mirror as it doesn’t impede my line of sight drastically and when monitoring the rear view mirror. I can also see that the camera is operational as well. If the camera always stays in one vehicle, then you can also had the wiring to prevent an obstruction in the windshield by tucking it behind the headliner edge and window post trim. The camera should also be within the swipe pattern of the wipers, if it were raining or snowing, then that area would remain clean.

Step 2:

Depending on the dash cam’s dynamic range, some are able to handle large differences between under and over exposed areas. Therefore sky to ground ratio will vary, 40% sky, 60% ground, or 30% sky and 70% ground.

Step 3:

If you plan on using the dash cam to monitor your vehicle when it’s parked, ensure it does have a 12v battery supply. Some vehicles have a switched 12v power source by the ignition. If yours is switched, then install a 12v power output or use a portable power source. Have a large enough, high speed memory card, for mine is have a 32gig class 10 card. Have the dash cam setup with it’s highest quality settings where the images aren’t pixeled.

Step 4:

If you find yourself caught in a fender bender, you have proof of everything that happened during the collision. Police or the insurance company can review the footage to help determine who is at fault which can help protect your driving as well.

Step 5:

Beyond a traffic collision, you can also use the dash cam to help fight a traffic ticket. This can be anything from the speed of the vehicle to the light at an intersection. Show the officer the proof and this should help defend your situation.

Step 6:

Keep yourself and fellow motorists safe on the road by reporting a bad driver. The proof can be sent into the authorities for further investigation.

Step 7:

Do you lend your vehicle to friends, perhaps family members use it, or maybe it's for business purposes. Monitoring someone's driving habits can allow you to keep a close eye on someone which maybe a risk to your vehicle, themselves, or even for insurance purposes.

Step 8:

Keep an eye on the road ahead to help avoid insurance fraud. You never know when someone may try to pull a fast on, taking advantage of a situation, looking to cause a lawsuit. Protect yourself by having that video proof which can be presented to the authorities.

Step 9:

Planning a road trip, why not record the whole journey with your dash cam! It's extremely easy to setup, has a wide angle view to capture all that beautiful scenery, and make's it easy to share with your family or friends.

Step 10:

Are you a car enthusiast that frequents the track? Take your dash cam to the track, whether it's drag racing, autocross, drifting, or a circuit race. Same dash cams even come with a gps to monitor the track layout, a g-meter to measure force, and a timer to keep track of your lapping progress.

Step 11:

Worried about your vehicle getting damaged in a public place, use your dash cam as a security camera. Just be sure you have a sufficient power source so the camera can remain operational.

Step 12:

Beyond keeping an eye on your vehicle in public places, why not use it at home too? Home surveillance systems can be pricey, so why not use a much more affordable dash cam instead. Night video quality will vary between models. The camera can be installed to pick up any angle and what objects you would like covered.

Step 13:

Capture something unexpected! You never know when you may come across something weird or entertaining, you're not only able to record the even but also share it with people around you too. Your video may even become internet famous.

Do you have a tip on why dash cams are a must have item, please be sure to share it in the comments below. Stay up to date with my latest tutorials, don't forget to FOLLOW my profile and be sure to check out my YOUTUBE page as well for all your DIY needs.

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