Introduction: Date of Birth

This will show you how to display your birthday on a seven-segment display. The materials you will need are as followed:
  1. A Breadboard

  2. A breadboard companion and a 9V battery

  3. Wire(red, black, white, 3 other colors)

  4. Three HD74LS00P Integrated Circuits

  5. Two 7402 IC

  6. One 7404 IC

  7. Two 7408 IC

  8. Two 7432 IC

  9. 7 resistors 220 Ohms or an R pack(4116R LF)

  10. One 7 segment display common cathode(FND500/6780)

Step 1:

The first thing you will need to do is to make a truth table like the one above. Use your three switches: X,Y,Z or A,B,C. Write when and which segments you need to turn on to display you birthday when different switches are turned on and off.

Step 2:

Then, you will need to make a K-map for each segment of the seven-segment display. Write the outcomes you get from each segment in a grid-looking thing. You will get a word or equation from the group of ones or highs in the K-map. In the first picture in this step, the equation is below the K-map.

Step 3:

 After that, draw a circuit for each segment according to your word or equation you got from the K-map.

Step 4:

Then you will need to make each circuit in a circuit design software(I used Multisim): using three switches, power and ground, however many ICs you need(AND, OR, Invertor, NAND, NOR), a seven-segment display common cathode, and a bus line if you want, I would recommend one.

Step 5:

Finally, if your circuit works in your design software, you can start to create your giant circuit on a breadboard. After you have finished your bread boarding, test it out using your truth table.

Step 6:

 And that is how you display your birthday using a seven-segment display. Good job!! And Happy Bread Boarding!!!