Introduction: Day of the Dead Altar (sugar Skulls, Flower, Pan De Muerto)

This is my second instructable ever and they're a couple of steps. I made a day of the dead altar using the design for the thinking process. The first step, empathizing phase were you interview people and you get feedback. Then the second step is called ideation were I write down all my ideas. I also have to consider my drivers and constraints, these are the ones I came up with:

Drivers: Cultural, creative, festive. Constraints: Cheap, easy, cool. Next, the third step ideation when I start drawing my ideas. Finally, the fourth and fifth step prototype and test were you basically start building. Click here to see pictures to the steps:

Step 1: Step 1: Flower

The first step is the flower


- Paper mache

- Clips

- Tubes

- Scissors

Step 2: Step 2: Sugar Skulls

Next, are the sugar skulls


- 2 cups of sugar

- 2 tsp of meringue powder

- 4 tsp of water

Step 3: Step 3: Pan De Muerto

To make the Pan de Muerto you need these ingredients:

- ¼ cup of milk

- ¼ cups of water

- 3 cups of all-purpose flour

- 1 ¼ cups teaspoons of dried yeast

- ½ teaspoon of salt

- 2 teaspoons of anises seeds

- ¼ cup white sugar

- 2 eggs well beaten

Step 4: You Are Done!

Arrange the items any way you like and make sure you have some pictures of past love ones. Have fun and happy day of the dead! (day of the dead is on November 2)

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