Day of the Dead Planters.




Introduction: Day of the Dead Planters.

I am completely fascinated with Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos).  The All Souls Procession,  here in Tucson, Az , is one of the most amazing things about Tucson.  It’s a really amazing event.  I went last year, despite an aching back and was so glad I went!

I made these Day of the Dead Calavera (skull) planters. I thought the plants would make great hair or fancy hats.  Sugar skulls, and other decorated skull like things, are given to the living and the dead.  It is similar to giving valentine’s as a way to say, “I love you forever”. I thought these would make great decor for a DOTD party or given to friends/family as gifts to celebrate life.

Step 1: Supplies

Craft acrylic paints in various colors including black and white
small paint brushes
permanent black markers
small terra cotta pots
small succulents or marigolds
potting soil

Step 2: Make Skull Face

1.  Thin out some white paint with water and do a white wash over the pots. Allow to dry.

2.  Sketch out your skull face with a pencil, as seen in photo above, then fill in with black paint or marker. Leave as is, or go to the next step.

Step 3: Add Color

3.  Add colorful designs like flowers, dots and dashes.  Then use black paint or a black marker to add swirly lines and curly cues.

4. Pot your plants.

I used succulents, but marigolds would be great too.  Marigolds are also known as Flor de Muerto (“Flower of the Dead”) which are thought to attract souls of the dead to the offerings (or altars).


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I love this idea, but I have 1 problem.
The only time I have ever painted on terracota pots, I used craft acrylic paint. Which worked great and dried quickly and without any problems.

But as soon as I put in my potting soil and planted my plant the pot would absorb the water. So whenever I watered my plant the paint would run all over the pot. Did you use any clear gloss or anything like that to go over the paint and keep it from running when you water the plant ?
Thanks !


9 years ago on Introduction

I'm pretty sure the stars aligned for me to make this so quickly! I went to an arboretum yesterday with my kid and they were giving away ceramic pots. I knew exactly what to do with it! Great i'ble!

skull pot.jpg