Introduction: Dayakattai

Dayakattai is a board game played from ancient time in Tamilnadu which is situated on south india. Its is played by 2 to 4 persons at a time. It is a game of make ur fate to lead the life.

This game increase the decision making power from child hood according to the situation.

Step 1: Materials Required


In my child hood we usually draw the lines in the floor(mostly at that time all have cement floor) with chalk piece. Now a days mostly tiles floor so use paper.

1) Large paper

2) Scale

3) Pencil or pen

4) 6 coins or chips for each players (use any thing we have in hand mostly from kitchen beans or beeds etc.)

5) Dice (Indian dice made of brass or wood or use sea shells)

Step 2: Dice

Here I have to Types of dice

1) Brass dice.

2) Sea Shell dice.

Brass Dice

1) Two number of dice each dice have 4 sides. Output values are 1,2,3,4,5,6,12

Sea Shell Dice

1) six number of sea shells each have 2 sides. Output values are 1,2,3,4,5,6,12

Step 3: Brass Dice Values

There are four sides in each dice 1st side have no dots, 2nd side have 1 dot, 3rd side have 2 dot and fourth side have 3 dot. Sum of each side is the ouput value. if both dice sides are plain

Step 4: How to Use Brass Dice

In Mahabharatham epic this type of dice is used. But as per epic that one is made of saguni's(main villian) ancestor's back bone. It give the value what he told.

Step 5: Sea Shell Dice Values

1) if one side is up its is 1 in tamil thayam.

2) Like wise for 2,3,4,5,6

3) If all the open side facing down its is 12.

Step 6: How to Use Sea Shell Dice

This sea shell is also still used by fortune tellers in india.

Step 7: Get Ready to Play

The game board contain 7 X 7 square boxes. The center box of all the four side is crossed, its the home for each player.

In the next layer four corners are crossed its the rest or safe place.

Center of the box also crossed its the end point.

Step 8: Rules and Direction to Play


Each player have 6 coins move the coins from home to target as per the line given in the picture(I draw it for red player like wise for others). Who reach all six coins first to the center is the winner.


1) Roll the dice for your turn if the value is 1(thayam) or 5 or 6 or 12 then move any one of your coin and u have another chance to play.

2) At first start when the player put 1(thayam) then only he able to put his 1st coin on his home. After that all other coins out in the game can bring back to game when u put 1 or 5.

3) In all plain box only one coin is able to stand(even also same player coin).

4) Its a war so a player can cut other player coin which is not in a safe zone(not in cross box). Cut coin is out from game. (I have red coin in my home if a green coin is 3 cells next from my home and my dice value is three then i can cut that coin and play again) (see roll no 2 to bring back the cut coin to game).

5) At least a player can cut other player coin one time to enter to the next layer from first layer.

Let start play

Two to four players need to play this game. I started to play with my family members.

All the six coins are out of board first.

I start the game first. on first attempt i put 3. No coins inside the board so i hand over the coin to next player in my right.

Its Blue turn he roll the dice and get 5, he has also no coin but he got 5 so he want to play again. In the second time he put 1 so he put one coin in his home. Because of 1 he want to play again. In the time he put 4 So move to the fourth box in the right. And his tern completed.

Like wise Green tern and yellow turn. This continue

In the next photo its middle in the game

Blue player and yellow player cut a player coin and enter to the next level.

Like wise repeat and move all the six coins to the center.

Moral of the game

In tamil there is a proverb "vithiyai mathiyal vellalam", means U can change ur fate by ur mind. Here the dice values are our fate and we manage to move all the coins to the destiny with my mind with out losing the coins to others.

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