Introduction: Daybed

I built this for our family .

Step 1: Start Framing !

The size can be anything you want but we went with a standard twin size mattress. 75x39 . HOWEVER ! side note dont make this taller than your widest door way !! our day bed will forever live in this room till dismantled lol!

Step 2: Sheet Em Up !

Cut squares out of 1/4 inch ply. I used a pneumatic stapler and glue. My son helping in this last one ..

Step 3: Trim All Squares

1x4 pine 1x6 for the front .

Step 4: Trim Top

1x6 pine

Step 5: Quarter Round Goes in the Corners !

Step 6: Quarter Round Inside All Boxes

Step 7: Quarter Round Under Top and Front

Step 8: Round Over Top Edges With Router .

Step 9: Sand and Plane for Best Finish Results

Step 10: Make Your Significant Other Paint It..

Step 11: Add Ikea Mattress and Bed Set !

Step 12: And Time to Get Lazy !

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