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Introduction: Dayhike List

I am a hiker. Sometimes I dayhike, sometimes I overnight (mostly on longer trips). But this is my passion. This is my list of what you need for a dayhike during late spring/summer. Add what you want to what you bring also, because I'm sure I missed a few things.

Step 1: The Pack

For the pack, the carrier of all of your equipment, this needs some thinking over. How big will it be? Will it be technical or just a trail pack? Think about what you do, and choose on that. This pack is a REI Traverse 30, a technical pack. It was $60, an amazing deal. Most daypacks don't go over $150, but if yours does, it might be a bit to expensive. Your choice, though.

Step 2: Hydration

Hydration is the most important thing to have. It can be a water bottle or a hydration bladder, you need it. In this case I have a hydration bladder. Most packs have a compartment for it by the suspention, but if it doesn't, you don't really need it. The water bottle carries less water but is tougher. I usually carry both. If you are going to buy a hydration bladder, don't pay more than $60 for it.

Step 3: Knives/Multitool

This area is the most broad, from little pocket knives 2 inches long to sheath knives the size of my hand to elbow, or multitools that carry only a file to those that have enough tools to fix a car and change its oil (please catch that sarcasm), there are many varieties of both. Here I have a bone handled sheath knife that is about 6 inches long. Please don't laugh at the look of it, because it has saved me in many situations. They are very trusty knives. On the top I have a modern Gerber multitool, with locking tools that are VERY strong. Bad thing-its really heavy. Below it is a classic Leatherman, one of my favorite camping items. It has very basic tools, pretty much all you would need. It is also pretty lightweight.

Step 4: Rope

Pretty self explanitory, on the top is a survival bracelet that has 8 feet of paracord on it. Bottom has roughly 50 feet of paracord. I would recommend having 50 feet of paracord for climbing down cliffs, ect.

Step 5: Matches

Also pretty self explanitory. Use matches to start a fire. BE CAREFUL!!! Also carry candles, they can be useful (just don't eat them).

Step 6: Food

Food is a must. Bring granola bars, power bars, or any other high energy bar. Also, you might want to bring a candy bar (not in pictures) such as a Snickers bar. Hard candy is nice to have so you can have something to suck on as you hike. Just remember to throw away the wrapper correctly. Tasty!

Step 7: Light

There are thousands of types of lights you can use, from head lamps to giant police lights. I like pen lights and head lamps, very lightweight. Here I have a pen light. Without a light, you can become disoriented and lost, thus a rescue team to pick you up. And you don' want that.

Step 8: Ziplocs

I always bring along a very fancy water tight bag called a Ziploc. I put matches, knives, or other things that can't go in water into them. Always carry a few with you, they have many uses.

Step 9: Other Things

Other things you can bring with you that are nice to have

Camera- you never know what you will see
Paper and Pen- Keep notes of your travels
Watch- Whats the time?

Step 10: Enjoy!

Now go explore the giant thing we call earth. With all of these items, the world is your oyster.

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    6 years ago

    Never forget a good survival kit and medical kit. Always have a high qualuty backpack and good hikibg shoes and a knife. Also carry a water bottle and a lifestraw or water filtration system. And the other basic stuff like fire starting tools like a lighter or matches and shelter and food. Also signalling could come in handy. Nuce pack though!

    Its da smoke
    Its da smoke

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Well thought out pack but I would caution against going down a cliff with paracord...............unless you use several stands braided together.....


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Don't forget something for a make-shift shelter, and something to get a quick fire going. If you bust your leg and have to stay overnight until help arrives, you'll be glad you had those items.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You forgot a first aid kit! Just a basic one, but still a necessity.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Add in a compass, map, plastic whistle, and cell phone, even the $10-$20 refillables all work for 911 without minutes.

    Small mirror if you get something in your eye or want to signal.

    2 Garbage bags (poke holes and make a poncho if rain, cut and make rain tarp, use as solar still, put feet in one, and do the poncho thing for top as bivy, 100+1 uses)

    Some duct tape

    And some toilet paper, just in case.

    Let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. Most people who get lost were just going for a "Day hike."