Introduction: Dazzle Colour Skateboard

Skateboards are now young people who like extreme sports, dazzling and beautiful skateboards, exquisite craftsmanship, attracting the attention of countless people, I designed skateboards according to their ideas.

Step 1: Build Skate Board Face

1, pull a cube, set three high 45.10.1, use 20 wide and 10 yuan wide rounded corners to set the intercept

2. Other parts redesign skateboarding and grouping

3. Rotate the skateboards on both sides around 5 degrees

Step 2: Design the Skateboard Tyres

1. Find out, each part needs to be put together, pay attention to the tire diameter is not too large, the unit length should be less than the length of the board

2. Adjust the tire position

Step 3: Design Appearance

Add patterns to skateboarding based on your own ideas

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